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Published on May 11, 2021

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Change Your Thinking to Make Vaccination “Fun”

In West Virginia, they’re giving every shot-taker $100. In some places, there are free meals and even free beers. The goal remains the same in all cases: get the COVID-19 vaccination. The more people who do, the better, for public health.

Few folks truly enjoy getting any shot. But creative thinking can lead to amusement and making this important step a little easier. Here are some ideas:

Shopping Therapy

Reward yourself with a trip to a favorite store – after you’ve completed your vaccination regimen. You’ve earned that treat. Another option: go to a website you enjoy and prize yourself.

Find Some Wacky Wearables

Speaking of the web, it’s loaded with funny T-shirts and caps that say things like “Team Pfizer” or “Fully Vaccinated: Still Not a Hugger.” Cute and clever designs abound – see if one fits your personality.

Get Zen to Get Vaccinated

Use your shot appointment as a motivator to dig a little deeper and try a little harder when it comes to mindful breathing or meditation. Deep breaths can help you relax and are shown to reduce the soreness in muscles. Needles make folks anxious – meditation can take away apprehension.

Use the Tools Already Proven

Many doctors and health pros have their own sets of recommendations for helping kids, teens and others feel better about getting a shot. Those methods – such as coughing just before and during the injection – can really help. Explore others and see if they might help.

Plan a Post-Shot Feast

There’s likely a restaurant you love, but haven’t visited in a while. Combine your good-for-you effort toward health with a more-indulgent trip to that eatery. Or reward yourself with a favorite ice cream treat, the “best pizza in town” or some other incentive that you can couple with the appointment.

Share a Big Spread with Someone You Love

Make a plan with a parent, a buddy or a sibling and cap off completing your shot series with an extra-special salad, a top-shelf steak or something you both love to eat. You can even do a countdown to the big event. Planning for celebrations is enjoyable.

Imagine the Personal Payoffs

Whether you long to sit in the sun at a baseball game or just graze at an all-you-can-eat buffet, put your focus on that goal – distractions are a great way to overcome needle fears. Vaccination is a key step toward your individual wants – be it seeing a movie on a big screen, air travel or whatever you’re craving.

Find Some Funny Memes

Pithy image-and-text snippets online often contain a kernel of truth that makes them so funny. No matter how you feel about vaccination, you’re likely to find plenty of laughs in the meme world of the internet.

No matter how you wish to do it – with humor, rewards, distractions or creativity – there’s a lighter side to getting the shot, and if they help achieve the goal of getting one – put it to use. Learn more about where you and your family members 5 and older can get the shot even while you’re laughing.

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