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Published on May 11, 2021

katelyn bauer

Part 2: Why Should You Get the COVID Vaccine? Stories from the Community

Here are more stories from the Avera community about reasons for vaccination.

Katelyn Bauer, RN, Marshall, Minn.

I chose to get the vaccine because I’ve seen too many people critically ill with COVID-19. I want to protect myself and our community.

Amy Borgmann, PA-C, Avera Creighton Hospital, Creighton, Neb.

I wanted to be first in line to get the vaccination in memory of my healthy, 46-year-old brother who lost his life to COVID, and another family member who battled the disease for almost two months in the ICU and rehab. So, the vaccine for me was about me staying healthy and not having to go through all of that.

But I can say since both receiving the vaccine, my mom and I just enjoyed our first shopping trip to Omaha, which is something we typically do every year. And I am looking forward to spending a little vacation this summer with my family and my brother’s family. I think the vaccine for me is a literal life saver. And I would urge anyone who can get it to get it. I have seen firsthand what COVID did to a healthy, ice fishing loving, active guy.

Kallie Forkel, 16, student, Aberdeen, SD

I got vaccinated to not only protect myself but most importantly others who are most compromised.

Timothy Hindbjorgen, MD, Emergency Medicine, Marshall, Minn.

This was the first time I was so excited to get a shot. This vaccine is a huge step toward the beginning of the end of the pandemic. Now that most people are eligible to receive the vaccine, I hope that people will get the shot as soon as they have a chance.

Timaree Axlund, RN, Avera Medical Group Pierre Primary Care, Pierre, SD

Besides me being excited to get it for myself, I’m getting it for my family and my friends and my community. Everyone has been negatively impacted by the pandemic and I’m hoping this is the beginning of the end.

Melissa Oberle, Avera Revenue Recovery Specialist, Aberdeen

I looked forward to getting to go see my new great-nephew for the first time, and getting to see my brother with ALS since getting vaccinated – along with my 87-year-old mom.

jen mckeown mom and ryleyJen McKeown, her mom and Ryley

Jen McKeown, Sioux Falls, SD

I cried the first time I got to see my parents after getting the COVID-19 vaccine. It felt so good to hug my mom and just sit and chat.

We hadn’t gathered as a family since Christmas. My 13-year-old son, Ryley, couldn’t isolate because of school, and we were afraid he would contract COVID-19 and give it to them. They got their vaccines so they could visit us and come to Ryley’s activities again. We hiked, dyed Easter eggs, and had our own Easter service by the creek. We have another gathering planned in May around Ryley’s piano recital!

Learn more about the COVID vaccine and locations where you can get your vaccination. It's now available to everyone 5 and older.

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