A State-by-State Look at COVID-19 Vaccination Plans
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Alert IconEveryone, age 12 and older, is now eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. Please visit our vaccination resources for more information.  Masks are required for patients, visitors and vendors to enter our facilities.

Published on February 16, 2021

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A State-by-State Look at COVID-19 Vaccination Plans

Each state has its own plan for distribution of COVID-19 vaccines. Understanding how vaccination works in your state is important, especially in a region where there are several states in close proximity.

You must receive the vaccine in the state where you live, even if you receive health care in another state. No matter where you live, the best place to start is with your state’s department of health website.

There is an administrative fee to receive the vaccine, but remember: vaccines are the best way to stop the spread.

South Dakota COVID-19 Vaccinations

In South Dakota, all residents can go to the South Dakota Department of Health’s COVID vaccine page:

  • Click on the link that shows vaccine distributors by county. If your county is covered by both Avera and Sanford, you are provided both options.
  • If you choose Avera, you will be directed to Avera.org/covid-vaccine, which includes information on vaccination locations near you.
  • Avera has an online form for groups that can sign up according to the state’s rollout plan. You select your group and complete the form. If you qualify, you will be contacted and scheduled for a vaccine.
  • If you do not yet qualify, you can add your name to a wait list. You will be contacted when you can schedule

Health systems are distributing vaccine on behalf of the state of South Dakota.

South Dakota has a page that explains groups, too.

Patients who do not have internet access can call the Avera COVID hotline at 1-877-AT-AVERA.

Iowa’s COVID-19 Vaccination Plans

Iowa residents can take a number of steps to ensure they get vaccinated, including:

Minnesota COVID-19 Vaccination Plans

The Minnesota Department of Health has an online tool for information about vaccine sites. Avera Marshall Regional Medical Center is working with local public health to move through priority groups on their list.

Nebraska COVID-19 Vaccinations

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services launched a website to help Nebraskans sign up to get notification of vaccination plans and how to make appointments.

Go to the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services website to learn more or to be notified when vaccination begins in their area so they can make an appointment.

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