Why Should You Get the COVID Vaccine? Stories from the Community
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Alert IconEveryone, age 12 and older, is now eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. Please visit our vaccination resources for more information.  Masks are required for patients, visitors and vendors to enter our facilities.

Published on May 04, 2021

Catherine Konrad receives covid vaccine

Why Should You Get the COVID Vaccine? Stories from the Community

There are many reasons to get the COVID-19 vaccine. The story is personal for everyone. We’re sharing what brought people into the vaccine clinic and what they’re most looking forward to.

Cathy Konrad, RN, Avera Maryhouse, Pierre

I just wanted to say how thankful I am to be given the opportunity to get the COVID-19 vaccine in order to protect those I care for both at work and at home. My hope is by documenting my experience that I can encourage others to do the same.

Madelyn Bragg, 16, student, Aberdeen

My mom asked me to do it because she works at Avera. My grandparents are high risk. A lot of people I know are and I don’t want to get them sick. I’m looking forward to seeing them.

Spencer Schneider, 20, Aberdeen Wings hockey player, Minnesota resident

I want to protect our teammates and our season.

Michael Gerber receives covid vaccineMichael Gerber receives COVID vaccine

Michael Gerber, MD, Marshall, Minn.

I’m incredibly thankful that the COVID-19 vaccine is becoming more widely available. When I had the opportunity to get the vaccine, I didn’t hesitate to roll up my sleeve. I’ve had family members affected by COVID-19, and one of my uncles passed away from it. I’m hopeful that everyone will get the vaccine so we can move beyond this pandemic and into our next normal.

Sonja Hegman, Sioux Falls

Why did I get the COVID-19 vaccine? Because it’s the right thing to do. Without vaccines, we’d still be battling diseases like smallpox and polio. Getting vaccinated gets us one step closer to ending this pandemic, and who doesn’t want that?

Now that I’m vaccinated, I’m looking forward to getting back on the road with my husband-to-be. We are major road-trippers and love exploring. We’d love to start that up again at some point this summer or fall.

Charlie Rea, 64, Aberdeen

I’ve had COVID. It’s a nasty disease and I don’t want to get it again. And hopefully this is helping to keep other people safe. I’m not a huge believer in masks and I’ve taken precautions, but if getting the vaccine is the right thing to do, I’m going to do it.

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