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Published on November 15, 2016

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Gratitude Reminders for the Season of Thanksgiving

As we enter this holiday season, it is a good opportunity to rekindle a daily practice of gratitude.

Giving thanks daily, whether it is in prayer, meditation, keeping a gratitude journal or verbally thanking people at home, at work – anywhere, really – can increase your personal happiness.

Studies find that an attitude of gratitude releases chemicals in the brain that turn on feelings of optimism and wellbeing, as well as improve your sleep, lower your blood pressure and strengthen your immune system.

Research shows that gratitude in the workplace creates a better work environment. Helping and thanking coworkers lifts the mood of the workplace environment and fosters trust. Workers that have been helped with a task are more likely to help coworkers with an unrelated task, and therefore creating a work environment where everyone is engaged.

Gratitude is really one of the most beneficial emotions we can feel and share with each other. It inspires people to make healthier choices, helps them develop resilience to stress, along with trust and kinship with others. I hope you will consciously practice daily gratitude and let it bring peace to your world.

Thank you for reading; blessings to you this holiday season!

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