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Published on August 02, 2018

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How Nutrition Can Affect Your Skin

If you ever wish you had a healthier glow to your skin, or want to prevent wrinkles and fine lines, you should start with your diet.

The way our skin appears gives us our first look into the overall health of our body. It actually is the largest organ we have, and its health can be linked to the foods we eat. 

There are some foods that are specifically great for the skin health, and the ones I make priority for my diet are in the list below. Food is medicine, and its power in health is underestimated. It’s also how we get our energy, and energy levels sometimes show up on the outermost part of our bodies. 

Take a look and see if there are some foods you can include more often to get that beautiful glow we all hope to have:

Water: Hydrate Your Skin

Water is pretty much my top suggestion for health in many areas, and skin health is no different. It’s crucial to be hydrated for many reasons, as hydration keeps our skin supple and moisturized, and when you’re dehydrated your skin can become tight, flaky and dry. Dry skin is more prone to wrinkles and is less resilient, so drink about 64 ounces or two liters daily. Just “straight up water” is best, and that amount is a minimum, so if you add dehydrating beverages, like ones with alcohol or caffeine, or you’re staying active, you’ll need to drink more. 

Berries and Chocolate – Yes I Said Chocolate

Did that get your attention? It may have, but remember, antioxidants found in chocolate and berries are super important. Antioxidants attack free radicals that are dangerous because they can cause disease and cause damage to skin. Antioxidants also slow the progression of aging in our skin. We want more antioxidants, and we can get these helpful little molecules from dark berries, dark chocolates with at least 70 percent cocoa as well as certain nuts. Don’t forget herbs as many of them have great antioxidant power, so make sure you get turmeric, cinnamon, oregano and parsley in your meals as well. 

Bone Broth Helps Skin

Bone broth is high in collagen which helps skin and other tissues stay strong and elastic, a key to maintain a youthful appearance. You can buy bone broth at most grocery stores, but it is also easy to make your own. There are several easy recipes, and I often make it with chicken or beef and freeze it for later use. You can also sip it for a simple snack that satisfies. 

Avocados Are Jammed With Goodness

It’d be easy to consider avocados as one of the healthiest foods on earth. They have more than 20 important vitamins and minerals, lots of fiber and give us another source of healthy fat. High in antioxidants, avocados as a regular part of a daily diet can leave skin glowing and hair shiny. You can even use avocados topically as a moisturizer, and do it yourself with essential oils to save money. Your skin is an organ and will absorb whatever you put on it, so try this super food and reduce chemical exposure.   

Coconut Oil Is Great

You can use it topically as a skin moisturizer or eat it, as it provides a source of healthy fat. What is interesting about coconut oil is that it offers medium-chain triglycerides, a type of fatty acid that when ingested can build up under the skin to give it a healthy, smooth appearance. It can even tone skin and reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles and pores.  It’s a great moisturizer for all over, and it can help retain moisture. This wonder food also is antimicrobial so it helps prevent infections, too.     

I hope you can add many of these delicious, healthy foods to your daily diet! 

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