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Published on November 09, 2017

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Natural Tools Can Stop New Aches, Chronic Pain (Part 2)

You can fight the pain that comes with a new aches or chronic condition with natural tools. They can really change the way you face your life.

Whether it’s a combination of items or something unique you haven’t tried – working with professionals can help.

Adding a Few Key Things

Supplements can be beneficial when it comes to pain. While reviewing the food you eat and making good changes can help, so too can adding a few common examples of supplements that will help reduce the pain you might face. You can include your Omega-3 fatty acids, curcumin, magnesium and SAMe with the use of these effective and affordable supplemental nutrient.

The wealth of supplemental nutrition can be a confusing sea of information, and when you work with me or others on our team, we'll make sure you have the best evidence-based information to guide your decisions. We can also provide you alternatives, so you don't have to start from scratch and hope you can make a good choice.

Again: these nutrient-packed supplements are another tool to get that pain out of the way of your life and its many rewards.

Get Moving - It'll Always Help

Another tool in our fight against pain is any movement or some form of exercise. Essential for us all, it's particularly a good tool to consider for ongoing pain, because even simple movement can lessen the aches and stiffness that you might face.

Developing your own stretching routine, walking outdoors, warm water exercises and Tai Chi, which can even be done in a sitting position, all are easily approached, even if you have been less active for many years. We help a lot of folks get into mind-body exercise as beginners, and in some cases, that helps with pain and even gets them limber enough to consider more vigorous exercise, over time.

Many medical studies show the proof: the numerous benefits of exercise can fight a host of different symptoms, including pain.

Relaxing Isn't Just For Stress

Everyone faces stress in this busy age in which we live. Stress can make chronic pain worse and it could be at the root of a new ache or tenderness you're feeling, and that's why we encourage many patients to consider massage therapy as well as essential oils. Both offer refuge from stress and maybe considered as additional tools in the fight against paint.

Massage therapy is not just a luxury; it is a medical tool with research backing just how effective it can be. A number of patients have found it to be among the most significant tools to fight the pain they felt. It just works.

Essential oils do as well, because when you work with our trained staff, we can find a combination of these relaxing scents that allow your body to do the work necessary to ease that pain and make your life's quality improve. There are a number of combinations, and we'd be happy to help you figure out how they can significantly improve how you feel and most importantly, decrease pain.

Pain is something Americans face more than almost any other condition, illness or disease, and we look forward to the chance to help you explore the tools that will work best for your pain and symptoms.

Read Part 1 of this series on pain-fighting natural tools.

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