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Published on August 15, 2018

Walking in Field with Golden Sunlight

Today’s the Perfect Day to Relax

Let’s not get stressed out about today, which is National Relaxation Day. But let’s remember there is more than one way to find our peaceful center.

We most often think of exercise as stress reducing – and it is. But it should not be our only outlet for stress. Why? 

Any cardiovascular activity, such as running, intense exercise, aerobic classes, even lifting weights, is great for detoxing, increasing metabolism, and yes, stress reduction.

But it also puts us in the “fight or flight mode.” Our heart rate increases, our blood pressure rises and overall, the body into a state of stress, albeit a good kind of stress.

Although exercise produces that positive stress setting, yet we still need to balance things out and give our spirit the breather it needs after a long day of work, family, commuting and all the rest of life’s many challenges. 

Try these ways to find the calm and be present:

  • Look at people, not through them.  
  • Focus on nature, not the next task. 
  • Hear the wind, not wondering about its direction or speed.
  • Find the breeze on your face; feel it for what it is.  
  • Pick up a piece of bark from a tree; note how its texture affects your fingertips.
  • Gather a few small stones while you walk.

All of these miniscule steps can ground us in the now, and that’s our time, a time to set aside our thoughts, focus on how our senses work and honestly: be there.

Staying present is a great gift and these techniques can help you do it more. So while today is recognized nationally, so what? Don’t let this day end without first stopping, feeling and being present.

That’s something you can do every day, and in time, you’ll find it’ll help you relax.

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