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Published on December 28, 2017

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From Financial Consultant to Nurse: Career Planning Service Opens Doors

Jason Herreid was a financial consultant at the Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society when in March the organization announced it would lay off more than 100 workers in Sioux Falls.

It was at that point that Jason decided he wanted to change careers and pursue a job where he could have an active role in people’s health and wellbeing.

“I have always had a passion for helping people and I like being in contact with people directly. I started looking for something that would go along with nursing,” said Herreid. “I thought I would get in touch with someone at HR and see if they could give me some ideas on where to start.”

While searching online, Jason found information about Avera’s Career Planning Service and requested a free career planning consultation. Within a day, Jason met with Scott Ault, one of Avera’s workforce consultants through the Career Planning Service.

“From an outside perspective it’s very intimidating to access healthcare,” said Ault. “Avera has hundreds of job openings. The Career Planning Service helps people navigate the wide range of health care career opportunities. We know from a system level what’s available – we have a pulse.”

Getting Personal Help - And Results

A career consultation appointment lasts between 15-30 minutes. A consultant will talk with you to help you figure out where your skills, passions and interests align with a job opportunity at Avera.

“Scott was great. We sat down and talked about my goals. He even lined up a job shadow opportunity for me with a respiratory therapist,” said Herreid.

Through the job shadow experience, Jason doubled down on his decision to pursue a nursing degree.

Scott helped Jason search for the right education program that aligned with Jason’s career goals. Jason has since been accepted into the LPN to RN nursing program at Southeast Technical Institute. Classes begin in January. In the meantime, Jason is working as a patient care partner in the emergency department at the Avera Heart Hospital.

“Scott helped me by putting in a good word and gave me guidance on where to start my career. It’s almost ideal, because I’m getting great exposure to healthcare before I go back to school,” said Herreid. “This job has provided a great learning experience.”

While Jason is new to health care, he’s no stranger to an organization that allows you to live your faith.

“I feel really blessed. I came from an organization that was faith-based. Avera allows me to maintain that belief which has made the transition (from one career to another) really smooth. I’m really glad Avera offered me a job.”

Learning and Growing

Now, Scott is working with Jason to apply for the tuition reimbursement scholarship at Avera. Employees can apply for tuition reimbursement after six months of employment.

“It’s almost perfect timing. I’ll have been with Avera for almost six months by the time I start my classes,” said Herreid.

Anyone interested in connecting with resources to create a personal career path in health care can make use of the Career Planning Service and its free, confidential consultations.

“If you’re uncertain about your career or the steps you should take to get where you want to be – whether it’s a clinical or non-clinical position – we’re a resource for those who are wondering how to get from Point A to Point B,” said Ault.

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