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Published on August 05, 2016

grilled salmon

Add Variety and Health to your Grill

We are a couple of months into grilling season — a great time to add variety to your grilling adventures beyond traditional hamburger or hot dog options! While we all love those summer favorites, it can be nice to add some variety, as well as some healthier choices, to our gatherings.

If you are ready to expand your grilling repertoire, Hy-Vee Dietitian Anna Schroeder has some tips to get you going.

  • Fish is a fantastic option for the grill — flavorful, fast and loaded with heart-healthy omega-3 fats. But even people who love fish sometimes shy away from grilling it, for fear of over-cooking it or having it fall apart.
  • The trick is to use the right grilling method for the right fish. Tuna steaks, salmon, halibut and swordfish are densely-textured and can be grilled directly on the grill grate, without having to worry about them falling through.
  • More delicate fish such as tilapia and sole can be grilled inside a foil packet or grill basket.
  • Another key: marinate fish after — rather than before — grilling. Post-grill marinating ensures that the fish does not fall apart, and still comes away with excellent flavor.

Grilling fish is a great way to provide your family with a delicious meal, as well as all of the heart- and brain-health benefits that fish provide.

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