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Published on July 06, 2017

salad with avocado and mushroom as toppings

Creative Summer Salads: Tasty Toppings

This is part 2 in a series on summer salads; you can read the first part of this series on Avera Balance.

Fresh summer produce makes for amazing salads, all season long. Getting creative with greens is a good place to start, but choosing some creative toppings that add not only vitamins and nutrients, but plenty of flavor, is the best next step.

Avera Heart Hospital Registered Dietitian Lauren Cornay, RD, LN, offered these insights on a variety of toppers you may have tried - or might want to now that you know more. She also offers these two simple-yet-splendid recipes to try as you keep making more yummy summer salads.

infographic of various salad toppings

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