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Published on January 14, 2020

womans arm reaching to open freezer in grocery store

Not Just for the ‘Hungry Man’ Anymore

People are not only demanding convenience and delicious taste, but also nutritious whole foods that are natural. The frozen foods manufacturers are listening. Keep your coat on and spend a little time in the frozen food aisle during your next grocery trip and you might just be surprised. 

Here are a few brand standouts:

Evol: A brand owned by Conagra that believes in freezing fresh, simple ingredients so busy people can eat better and healthier. Their product line features single- and multi-serve meals, nutrition and breakfast bowls along with burritos. Their products feature antibiotic-free, humanely raised proteins, whole grains and loads of vegetables seasoned perfectly with herbs and spices. You should be able to pronounce everything on the label, and with Evol, you can.

Love the Wild: With their fish farmers listed prominently on their website, this company is making fish easier for everyone. By emphasizing not only the environmental benefits but also health benefits of sustainably sourced seafood, this company is making it easier to get more good protein into our lives. In addition to single serve microwave meals, Love the Wild offers three-step, 20 minute or less meal kits.

Saffron Road: With the slogan “Journey to Better” this company is trying to bridge cultural gaps through the sharing of wholesome cuisine. Their product line includes frozen entrees, bowls and hors d’oeuvres as well as sauces, broths and snack chips. The frozen meals feature ingredients like basmati rice, curry, lamb and tofu. 

Sweet Earth: With a belief that interesting flavors, vibrant colors and complex textures are best for our bodies, this company’s unique, mostly vegan and organic products are sure to add some variety to your diet.

SmartMade: A new line from SmartOnes that’s focused on using real ingredients and home-style cooking techniques. A wide range of single-serve meal options include several low-carbohydrate and whole-grain options.

EatingWell: Each meal is guaranteed to have one cup of vegetables, along with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. As a single-serve meal lineup, which also includes breakfast items, it can serve as an ideal balanced back-up plan.

Fat Rabbit: Veggies aren’t just for rabbits anymore. Each of these vegetarian bowls is packed with at least 10 grams of plant protein and vegetables that have been “smashed, slashed, roasted, toasted, sauced and tossed until they are bursting with flavor.”  

Lauren Cornay, RD, LN, is a registered dietitian at Avera Heart Hospital

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