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Published on June 22, 2021

turkey burgers cooking on the grill

Prepare to Picnic: Enjoy This Full Summer Spread

We’re making your next picnic easier by doing all the planning so you can enjoy the day. Here’s everything you need for a great summer picnic.

Try these great recipes for your next outing:

Round these out with plenty of water to stay hydrated. If you’re out all day, keep those healthy snacks handy to round out meals. You can include beef jerky, dried and fresh fruit along with nuts and granola bars.

You can whip up most of these treats in a single afternoon and then pack them out to your alfresco dining location of choice. Don’t forget the grilling gear, and use these tips (and another recipe) to make sure you’re all set.

While you’re planning your picnic, here are some reminders on food safety for summer fun:

  • Keep hot foods hot and cold ones cold. Food needs to be kept colder than 40 degrees F or hotter than 140 degrees to kill bacteria.
  • Beware of cross contamination. Be careful to use different cutting boards, utensils or serving plates to avoid any chance of raw and ready-to-serve foods touching. Steaks need a clean serving plate, not the one you used to bring 'em to the grill.
  • Wash your hands. Include some steps so you can clean your hands before you handle food and after you handle raw meats. Soap and water is best, but sanitizing wet-wipes are handier. Make sure you have this step covered.

Here’s to a summer full of fun, flavor and flourishing health.

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