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Published on July 11, 2012

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Stay Healthy While Traveling

This summer I have been traveling a lot for both work and leisure activities. When traveling, it is sometimes hard for me to keep up with my exercise routine and healthy eating. Fast food seems to be an easy meal when traveling, but I like to eat it sparingly to make sure I eat healthy when on vacation.

To start off my morning, I like to have some yogurt and oatmeal. Both yogurt and oatmeal are usually available at most hotels’ continental breakfasts. I also grab a piece of fruit to take with me as a snack before lunch.

I usually try to pack my own lunch so that I won’t be tempted to eat fast food. I like to make a sandwich with lean meats and whole-grain bread. I also pack some carrots or celery and maybe a piece of fruit as well. When I do pack chips with my lunch, I prefer baked chips as they have fewer calories than regular chips. Sometimes I do provide myself with a little reward for dessert, maybe a granola bar or some frozen yogurt.

For the times when I don’t pack a lunch, I find it convenient to eat at fast-food restaurants; however, I am very careful about what I order. I usually order a grilled chicken sandwich with no mayo or cheese. I also like to get a side salad with a little fat-free dressing. I make sure to check the nutrition facts at fast-food restaurants before I order to make sure my selection is a healthy choice.

I especially like to drink water when I am traveling as it keeps me hydrated and helps me stay focused. I recommend purchasing a reusable water bottle that includes measurements. I like to keep track of how many milliliters of water I drink throughout the day to make sure I stay hydrated.

Keeping active is important to me even when I am on the road. I like to take a few minutes each day to stretch. When I stop during a car trip, I especially like to stretch my legs and walk around. Keeping active is also a fun way for me to enjoy my vacations. I try to incorporate some hiking, biking, swimming or even just walking around to view the sites. If the hotel has a fitness center, I try to use the equipment for a half an hour each day.

Enjoy your travels this summer and remember to have fun and be safe!

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