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Published on October 22, 2021

bucket of halloween candy

8 Tips to Surviving Halloween Treats

Halloween unofficially marks the beginning of the holiday feasting season. If you’re trying to lose weight or have weight management goals, it’s important to be mindful of Halloween candy that seems to be all around you, whether it’s your own stash in the pantry, your kids’ candy, or your coworker’s leftovers brought to share at the office.

Even though everyone needs a little sweetness in their holiday, sugar and mostly empty calories is what you get in candy. It’s important to not overdo it when it comes to snagging sweets from the Halloween candy bowl.

Anna Heronimus, RD, LN, registered dietitian at the Avera Human Performance Center, has some great tips on how to control your temptations with candy so you can continue to meet your health goals.

  1. Focus on keeping your daily routine. Continue to eat meals rich in fiber and protein and avoid reducing the amount you would eat to “save up” calories for later.
  2. Create healthier choices. Instead of eating the candy by itself, pair it with protein-packed foods to make a trail mix with nuts and seeds.
  3. Out of sight, out of mind. Instead of keeping those extra Halloween treats in a drawer at work, add it to you lunch box to enjoy as dessert after your meal.
  4. Count how many you grab. Those fun-size candy bars are easy to lose track of. Instead of mindless eating, take out one or two so you know how many you’re eating.
  5. Do the Teal Pumpkin Project. Hand out non-food, allergy-friendly items to kids such as stickers, pencils or glow sticks. You’ll help kids who have allergies, plus avoid having bags of candy in your home.
  6. Take a walk. Get away from your desk for some fresh air, which can help you get over the mid-morning or mid-afternoon slump we often mistake for hunger.
  7. Have a dinner plan. Before handing out candy or taking your kids trick-or-treating, eat a balanced dinner with healthy carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats. This will leave you satisfied.
  8. Stay hydrated throughout the day. Remember to drink half your body weight in ounces of water. This helps create a feeling of fullness, which alleviates mindless eating from your candy stash.

“Halloween comes once a year. You’re not going to suddenly become unhealthy because of one or two days of enjoying Halloween candy,” said Heronimus. “If you shower yourself with guilt or tell yourself you can’t have any, you’ll only want more and think about it all day.”

Such thoughts can lead to overeating on candy. Enjoy the holiday and don’t give it so much power over yourself. Everyone deserves a sweet treat, so enjoy a couple candies.

In addition to keeping your health on the forefront, remember to teach general Halloween safety to your children as they are out collecting their sugar stash.

It’s also good to brush up on celebrating Halloween safely as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect our communities.

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