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Published on August 18, 2020

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Orthopedic Urgent Care Addresses Bone, Muscle and Joint Problems

It’s Saturday morning and you and your friends are finally window shopping downtown after a busy workweek. The fun is interrupted by a painful misstep off the curb that rolls your ankle. After a few hops and limps, you know it’s a good idea to get it checked by an expert.

“Not only are we available during the day, but also after hours and on weekends for your convenience,” said Ryan Slaba, PA-C, an Avera Orthopedic specialist who sees patients at the walk-in clinic.

Walk In or Call Ahead

Avera Orthopedics urgent care is a walk-in clinic, but you can call ahead if you’re concerned about wait times or schedule an appointment at 605-504-1090.

The types of conditions treated mark the difference between urgent care and orthopedic urgent care. Walk-in orthopedic urgent care is specialized toward injuries and pain related to the bone, muscle or joint.

“It’s those orthopedic injuries you weren’t planning on. Broken bones, sprains, rolled ankles, torn biceps and ACL tears,” said Slaba. “We also see you for long-lasting pain that isn’t managed well, such as the pain that comes from arthritis.”

Urgent Care and Emergent Care

Walk-in care will most likely be the first step in ongoing care. After seeing Slaba or another one of his team members for casting, splinting, bandaging and pain management, these conditions require follow-up care and oftentimes therapy.

“A lot of people try walk-in urgent care before the ER because they are trying to avoid extra expenses,”said Slaba.

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