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Published on August 31, 2021

breast surgeon looking at mammo

How Breast Restoration Can Create a “New You” or Regain What You Lost

Surgical restoration of the body allows women to reclaim not only the way they looked, but how they felt.

Yet not all women who get surgery are reclaiming something. Many want to change things they don’t like. In either case, expertise can make the process more successful.

“We can help women who aren’t happy with their size or the way they look – often improving their comfort, function or confidence.” said plastic and reconstructive surgeon Laura Figura, MD. “We help women feel assured. We’ll work together to solve problems. In some cases, plastic surgery can be liberating – relieving restrictions in how you move, how you dress and how you look.”

Figura is part of the provider team at Avera Medical Group Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. She approaches each patient understanding their expectation: that their case is one-of-a-kind. No two women age, bear children, lose or gain weight in the same way. Nor do any two women feel the same way about these fluctuations.

“Surgical breast restoration or reconstruction continues to evolve and innovate. We use approaches and techniques that differ from ones used even a few years ago,” Figura said. “When we’re helping women reclaim what they had after cancer surgery or addressing dissatisfaction they’ve had for many years – that’s really rewarding.”

Plastic Surgery Consultations Tailored for You

Women who seek surgical restoration of their breasts begin with individual consultations with physicians like Figura or her teammate, Avera Medical Group Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon Barry Martin, MD. Patients will always meet one-on-one with the provider and spell out their goals and priorities in an unhurried conversation.

“The surgeries we provide can often reduce pain and improve function. We help many women look and feel better,” Figura said. “Our entire team really enjoys helping people achieve their goals.”

Leading-Edge Technology Helps Ensure Success

For augmentation procedures, Figura and her team can use Vectra 3-D imaging, a tool that allows the patient to see how their breasts look now and how the procedure can change their look. The image is part of the consultation process.

“Every meeting covers all aspects of the procedure, including details likely recovery time and post-operative restrictions,” said Figura. “We can use imaging that will make sure you understand all parts of the process so you’ll feel certain.”

Since all Avera plastic and reconstructive surgeries take place at a hospital that adds to the patient confidence and offers a more distinct peace of mind.

“When you have answers to every question and a high-quality surgical setting, as well as a professional team in the OR and recovery, you can be more relaxed,” said Martin. “Not all plastic surgery providers are the same, nor can they all offer the same quality resources. And naturally, the fact all of our providers are board-certified plastic surgeons makes a difference, too.”

Plastic Surgery Procedures and Recovery

You’ll likely go home the same day as your breast surgery, including most augmentations, reductions and other procedures. Most women are less active for about a week, and may miss work. No two cases are exactly the same, but most women return to activity in less than a month.

“You have options, and if you choose us, just know you’ll receive a patient-centered procedure and compassionate care from the start to the conclusion,” said Martin. “Your breast surgery will focus only on your goals, because we know that flaws in your outer appearance can affect your inner self. We help women who want to restore both sides.”

You can see providers from this team without a referral.

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