Breast Restoration Helps Many Women Regain Former Selves
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Published on December 19, 2018

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Breast Restoration Helps Many Women Regain Former Selves

Surgical restoration of the body allows women to reclaim not only the way they looked in the past, but how they felt.

In the face of life’s challenges like aging, bearing children or changes in weight, a woman’s bust may no longer look or feel the same.

“Surgical breast restoration or reconstruction is never a cookie-cutter procedure, and even in the last 10 years, it has improved greatly, with innovations in terms of approaches and technique,” said Avera Medical Group plastic and reconstructive surgeon Mark Shashikant, MD. “In most cases, with the patients I’ve seen, there is a distinct appeal in returning to a feeling that they knew in the past.”

Personalized Consultations

Women who seek surgical restoration of their breasts begin with individual consultations with Shashikant or his Avera Medical Group Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery partner, Barry Martin, MD. During those one-on-one meetings, patients spell out their goals, and the surgeon uses an important communications tool during the process.

“We offer Vectra 3-D imaging, and this tool can really make sure we’re on the same page as our patient,” said Martin. “Vectra allows us to create an image that shows the way the patient now looks, and then together we can propose the approaches we can consider to help them achieve that reclamation of their body’s look. It removes any doubt or gray areas in the process.”

This meeting covers all aspects of the procedure, including the use of the 3-D images, the likely recovery time and any other issue that may be in the patient’s thoughts.

“The professionalism of the entire team, the high surgical standards of our hospital – these are critical aspects in making the decision,” said Shashikant. “Safety and the peace of mind that comes with a reliable surgical team and setting are important factors. All our procedures are performed in a hospital setting versus an office-based surgical center. This assures the same high standards our patients would get with life-saving procedures and assures your care is provided by board-certified Plastic Surgeons.”

Both surgeons encourage patients to ask as many questions as they have during the consultation so that a thorough understanding is established before any procedure appointments are set.

Procedures and Recovery

When surgery takes place, incisions are made in less-visible areas on the breast or armpit to reduce noticeable scars. The surgeon will then insert and place the implants in each breast and finally close the incisions.

Most patients are discharged the day of their procedure, and in many cases, they will miss about a week from work. In a few weeks, they can return to most activities.

“We encourage women who seek to reclaim the way they look and feel to consider their options, but to also realize that each patient-centered procedure we do in this aspect of our practice is unique – there are no two cases or two outcomes that are exactly the same,” said Martin. “You can feel confident knowing your breast restoration will be personalized exactly to your goal, from start to finish. When your outer appearance becomes marred, your inner self also is affected. We seek to help women who want to restore both sides of this balance.”

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