Tattoo Removal Options Are Not All the Same
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Published on August 02, 2017

butterfly tattoo on girls ankle

Tattoo Removal Options Are Not All the Same

Some ideas are better than others. Sometimes art and its perpetual status on your body – in the form of a tattoo – no longer fits your career, your relationship or your future.

While there’s a wide range of options for removing these once-treasured works of skin illustration, not all of them are the same.

“If you’re having a tattoo removed, you’ll want the best possible approach, one that covers all the bases and can treat you completely,” said Mark Shashikant, MD, an Avera Medical Group plastic surgeon. “Lasers can come with adverse reactions and burns, and if you go with a clinic that does not have the medical resources we bring, you could face possible painful or unpleasant outcomes.”

Working for Positive Change

Regardless of the size, color or location of your tattoo, medical professionals can devise an approach that will make its removal a smooth process.

“Having a wide range of experts available in the case of a complicated tattoo is helpful, and we aim to approach it with a ‘you-specific’ mindset,” he said. “That means we’ll talk about the approach, look at the options, including laser therapy, which is most commonly used. We can also consider dermabrasion and in some cases, surgical excision is the best approach. We start together, and we’ll finish together, and nothing will be left to chance.”

When it comes to laser therapy, removal requires multiple sessions.

Laser therapy will break down the pigment the tattoo-gun needle injected into the skin. As that pigment is dispelled, the body will naturally evacuate it. In time, the tattoo goes from bold to faded to “hard to notice.”

“There are sometimes reactions and the key is that while it seems like a simple elective procedure, anything dealing with the body’s largest organ, the skin, can have serious ramifications,” said Shashikant. “Safety is a key step in receiving care from a professional clinic like ours – you certainly do not want to find out the hard way or end up in an emergency room when you thought you were ‘fine’ going to a business without the medical background we bring to the procedure.”

Shashikant and his colleague, Barry Martin, MD, are both board-certified in plastic surgery. Both surgeons are familiar with the protocols and procedure, too.

“We all experience change, and if your life has changed and that tattoo you once loved is a bad reminder, don’t feel like you’re stuck with it,” he said. “We would be happy to safely help you achieve the change you seek out.”

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