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Published on November 03, 2020

Martin and Krista Prouty

How to Plan for the Changes that Come with Pregnancy

Martin and Krista Prouty own their own business, a family farm near Watertown, S.D., and Krista herself is also a cosmetic sales director. Such responsibilities mean they have to be on top of their game and plan well so things run smoothly. Planning for a baby was no different.

Their journey to baby began at the exam office of Brenda Kallemeyn, MD, an Avera OB/GYN at Avera Medical Group 69th & Cliff. Krista has a blood disorder that increases the chance of developing abnormal blood clots. Approaching pregnancy with healthy concern, they wanted to take any necessary precautions before conceiving. Fortunately, she needed only a prenatal vitamin to ensure a healthy start to her pregnancy.

Besides a few days of upset stomach, things are going smoothly during Krista’s first trimester. Rest and a vitamin B6 prescription from Kallemeyn alleviated her queasiness.

The most difficult part has actually been emotional. “Martin and I both lost our dads within the last few years, so going through this wonderful experience without them is hard,” said Krista. They believe cultivating a strong family honors their fathers.

“We are thankful for the support and love from everyone as we grow our family,” said Martin. “It’s an exciting time that we get to share together.”

Choosing the Best Insurance Plan for Pregnancy

Krista contacted her health insurance carrier, Avera Health Plans, after finding out she was pregnant to learn more about her coverage relating to pregnancy, delivery and children.

“A few days after that call, I received a card and gift card in the mail from Avera Health Plans, congratulating us on our baby,” said Krista. “I was so amazed; what health insurance company sends their customers a card?”

Having a baby or adopting a baby is a qualifying life event that may allow you to change your health insurance plan. In most cases, a person has to wait until the fall, when open enrollment begins, to switch plans.

A Pregnancy Planning Event for Parents

At about the same time in early 2020, Martin and Krista attended Maybe a Baby, an event that helps expecting moms and dads learn about the pregnancy planning tips available for their own personal journey.

“It was a great opportunity that helped us wrap our heads around the experience of having a baby,” said Martin. “There were stations that touched on prenatal care, genetic testing during pregnancy, and various baby costs, such as how much you could expect to spend on diapers.”

Talking with the experts and compiling information about what to expect during pregnancy — like the types of childbirth, financial planning, pregnancy nutrition and more — strengthened the Proutys’ confidence in making the right decisions for their family.

Every pregnancy is unique. Maybe a Baby, an all-virtual event, will soon be available to expectant parents, allowing them to learn how to plan for pregnancy from the comfort of their homes.

And, if you’re an Avera Health Plans member, don’t forget to look at your policy to see how you’re covered or if you need to adjust coverage for your growing family.

You can learn more about pregnancy and birth services at Avera or join in Avera’s virtual Maybe a Baby.

We will visit with Krista throughout her pregnancy as she and her husband look forward to their March due date. Photos courtesy of Rachel Clelland Photography.

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