Mom Talk: Tips for Breastfeeding Moms and Pumping at Work
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Published on January 08, 2018

breast pumping mother with child

Mom Talk: Tips for Breastfeeding Moms and Pumping at Work

By Jessica Carmody, Avera Marketing Coordinator

I just returned to work a few weeks ago after having my son, who is now 3½ months old, at Avera Woman’s Center, which offers free breastfeeding help for moms.

I’m a breastfeeding momma who breastfed my daughter when she was born, and now I’m breastfeeding my son as well. It’s something I’m passionate about, and I’m grateful my workplace offers a wonderful mother’s room to make pumping at work convenient and private.

Since this is my second “go-round” I want to share some tips I’ve learned along the way. They have helped me save time, and I hope they help you as well.

The mother’s room I use is equipped with a chair, lamp, clock and refrigerator — all the necessary things that you need to successfully pump. I use my own breast pump and leave it in the mother’s room all day, and I keep my bottles and milk in the refrigerator labeled, just in case multiple people happen to use that fridge. At the end of the day, I pack up my bottles, bag, pump and milk and take the milk and bottles home to wash.

When I do the dishes in my kitchen, I wash my bottles, put them in a bag and have them ready to go on the counter for the next morning. I also transfer my milk to the freezer and I’m all ready for the next day. I also try and pack two snacks a day and have one in the morning when pumping and one in the afternoon. I also drink a ton of water as that helps with milk production and keeps me hydrated.

At the end of the day, I just try and stay committed and block off time on my schedule to allow for pumping. Even working moms can still squeeze time in a hectic schedule to pump at work. In many ways, it’s a precious time that you and your baby “share” even if you’re not face-to-face when you pump. It’s so worthwhile to stay committed to this important little daily routine.

Here are a few additional quick tips:

  • Find a private room for pumping if you don’t have a mother’s room at work.
  • Invest in a hands-free bra so you can multitask while using your pump.
  • Keep your milk labeled and refrigerated.
  • Always have snacks and water on hand – you’ll need them!
  • Block the time on your schedule so you can stay committed.

Learn more from Avera’s pregnancy and birth experts by reading Five Tips for Breastfeeding Mom and A Mother’s Guide to Breastfeeding and the Workplace.

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