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Published on May 18, 2021

Swisher family

“Don’t Be Embarrassed” – New Mom Encourages Others to Get Help for Postpartum Troubles

Something wasn’t quite right for Taylor Swisher. On March 21, 2020, she gave birth to her son, Cole. Everyone was happy and healthy, and Cole and mom went home to be with big-sister Molly, 3½, and dad, Travis.

But something still remained off. Cole was Swisher’s first vaginal birth, and there had been tearing.

“I was nervous and hormonal. I wasn’t healing properly, and I was worried about being away from Cole and Molly,” she said. “Plus the whole pandemic – it just made everything harder.”

Swisher called her OB in Aberdeen, who encouraged her to come in right away.

Taylor Swisher and ColeTaylor Swisher and Cole

“From that point to now, I really feel I had the best care,” said Swisher, who lives in rural Groton, SD. “They took all of my worries into consideration.”

Now, having just hosted Cole’s first birthday, Swisher’s feeling great. But she knows her situation is common.

Responsive Postpartum Care in Aberdeen and Sioux Falls

Swisher saw Tage Elizabeth Born, MD, during her pregnancy, and when she returned to the clinic, she saw Gregg Carlson, MD, at Avera Medical Group Obstetrics/Gynecology Aberdeen.

“They knew I lived a half-hour away, so things were set up,” she said.

Her team had already reached out to Matthew Barker, MD, Avera urogynecologist who offers specialty care for postpartum problems and other issues. Common issues women face in the postpartum period include wound breakdown, pain with intercourse, urinary incontinence and pelvic pain.

Although she set up an appointment at Avera Medical Group Urogynecology in Sioux Falls, she struggled with leaving her children as well as facing all the changes brought about by COVID-19.

“I was worried about having to stop breast feeding Cole,” she said. “But everyone in Aberdeen and Sioux Falls really did everything they could to make me feel better.”

A Specialized Procedure to Promote Healing

Swisher was relieved when her care team in Sioux Falls explained her husband and baby could go with her. While she was nervous for the meeting with Barker, his demeanor and patience helped her calm down.

“He explained everything, and while I had no desire to return to a hospital – I had just had a baby two weeks ago – he helped me understand that the surgery would help me heal.”

Her procedure was the next day, and it went well, especially because Travis and Cole were not too far away. “That kept my anxiety low,” she said. “Everyone was so kind, helpful and understanding. They knew I was worried about the meds I took – would I still be able to feed him and take care of him?”

She would – and she would go home the next day, to rejoin Molly who stayed with grandma and grandpa.

Feeling Great Ever Since

The pain and discomfort Swisher faced was gone. She saw her doctor in Aberdeen a week after the surgery, and again six weeks after that. But the underlining issues were gone.

“Every birth can be a bit traumatic, and every woman handles it differently,” she said. “I’d tell any woman who has a tear or is worried: help is available. It is a hard thing to talk about, especially with all the emotions that come with a new baby.”

New moms – or moms to be – should talk to their OB team to learn more about the resources that can help them after childbirth. Learn more about postpartum services through Avera Medical Group Urogynecology.

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