Gettysburg Mom Finds Out Just How Convenient AveraNow Can Be
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Published on October 20, 2017

healthcare and your smartphone

Gettysburg Mom Finds Out Just How Convenient AveraNow Can Be

Julene Schlachter and her family were driving home to Gettysburg after a family mini-vacation in Sioux Falls. That’s when a light bulb moment happened for her about the innovation of telemedicine.

“My son, Brayden, is 15 and he’s a wrestler. We felt like we knew what was going on with the rash on his face,” said Schlachter. “I figured it was impetigo, but it was a Saturday, and I know how busy our small-town clinic can be. We didn’t want to have to wait too long to get it checked.”

Schlachter knew impetigo was highly contagious, and she didn’t want everyone in her family to be exposed. So instead of getting off from work, getting her son time off from his summer job and making an appointment, Schlachter took out her smart phone.

She used the AveraNow app, and after a short registration, she was on the phone with a physician.

“The registration was pretty simple, and it allowed me to upload a photo of my son’s rash, so when the physician called us back, we already were dealing with his condition,” she said. “It was just like using Facetime. I could see her and she could see me, and my son, all while we were on our way home.”

Schlachter was able to pick up a prescription the physician filed for her soon after arriving home, and it helped to clear up his impetigo, which is a bacterial skin disease common in children. (It’s sometimes called infantigo.)

She said the ease of use impressed her whole family.

“I had heard about AveraNow, and I thought it seemed like a cool idea, but I had not used it until that trip. It was super-convenient and the physician did a great job for us, saving us time and effort,” she said. “It certainly took a lot less time than it would have to go to the clinic.”

Her son was impressed with it – he agreed with mom that “it was cool.” Her husband was a bit more taken aback.

“He said ‘Are you serious? You’re talking to a doctor on the phone?’ and I said yes, this is going to work,” said Schlachter.

After her good experience, she told a friend who also tried it, and liked AveraNow.

“She was really thankful, because she knew about it but hadn’t had a chance to use it,” she said. “Then she heard my story and gave it a try – she was really impressed.”

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