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Published on June 10, 2019

nurse giving boy immunizations

Give it a Shot: Stay Up-to-Date on Immunizations

Are your children up-to-date on immunizations? It’s never too late, or early, to make an appointment with your provider to make sure your children are ready for the upcoming school year.

Immunizations are an important part of your child’s long-term health, said Muna Ashraf, MD, Avera Medical Group family physician.

“We want kids to stay healthy,” Ashraf said. “I encourage all parents to discuss vaccinations with their family physician. They can explain recommendations and answer any questions or concerns.”

Review a full immunization checklist.

Common Questions About Immunizations

  • Why do I need immunizations?
    They will protect you and your family against common illnesses such as flu, chicken pox and measles. Not to mention, it helps protects other people you come into contact with in your community.
  • Can people still get polio?
    Until an illness is completely wiped out, infection and outbreak is still a possibility. That’s why it is still important to get vaccinated for lesser-known illnesses that are no longer common such as polio, diphtheria and rubella.
  • Are vaccinations safe?
    Yes. Vaccines have a low risk of adverse outcomes and the benefits greatly outweigh the risk.
  • Why does my child need the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine?
    The HPV vaccine is recommended for both boys and girls because HPV is known to cause certain types of cancer. According to new recommendations, if your child receives the vaccine before age 15, they only need two doses, administered about six months apart.

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