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Published on August 03, 2017

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Save Time, Money with Walk-In Lab Testing

Today’s world of increasing health costs mandate that you, the consumer, take control of your health.

That can mean a lot of things such as price shopping for the most cost-effective medications or taking the time to monitor your health between checkups.

Walk-in lab services through Avera QuickLabs allow you to test a number of health markers ranging from your thyroid to diabetes or even your blood count, each for a flat fee. This service is available in several Avera locations in three states.

Why choose this type of service?

  • There’s no wait period or appointment necessary.
  • There’s no additional clinic fee or need to bill insurance. Lab tests vary from $10–75.
  • You’ll receive results in a week and can share them with your provider.

“People are more educated and proactive with their health care choices as costs continue to increase,” said Lori Murray, MLS, Laboratory Management and Technical Advisor for Avera McKennan Laboratory. “This is the same testing you would get in the doctor’s office, but it’s an opportunity to take your health care into your own hands.”

That’s not to say walk-in lab testing can take the place of a provider visit, Murray said. But it can help you track your health at a lesser cost in between checkups or provide confirmation that something is off and it’s time to make an appointment.

Here are common scenarios for walk-in lab testing:

Healthy and Cost-Conscious

You’re insured, but you don’t like going to the doctor just to be told nothing is wrong. Still, you feel "off" and wonder if you have anemia or something worse.

Solution: Head to the walk-in lab for a Complete Blood Count panel for $10. Follow up with your provider if the numbers are abnormal.

In-the-Know Patient

You see your doctor regularly and need lab work done every three to six months for diabetic care, but you don’t want to schedule an appointment that often.

Solution: Go to the walk-in lab to check hemoglobin A1C for $20. That test monitors the average amount of sugar in your blood over the past two to three months. Use it as a gauge to stay on track between visits. Share your numbers with your provider if you think your care-plan needs tweaking.

Under-Insured and On-the-Go

You travel for a living and your insurance coverage isn’t the best, due to its higher co-pays and deductible. Your doctor indicated you may have a thyroid problem, but you can’t cover the costs of frequent clinic visits and lab tests.

Solution: Head to the walk-in clinic for fast results that cost just $30. Share the results with your doctor and discuss the best course of action.

Weekend Warrior

You’re training for your first marathon and worried that you’re not functioning at maximum performance. Is your heart strong? Are your electrolytes at an optimum level?

Solution: Get a comprehensive metabolic panel at the walk-in lab for $15 to test your electrolyte balance and status of several organ systems. Use it to change your diet and training plan if necessary, and see a provider if any abnormalities are indicated.

If you think you might fit into one of these categories, learn more about how walk-in labs work and what kind of tests you can get. Some labs might require fasting for the most accurate results.

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