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Published on October 26, 2015

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Change Your Program to Change You

You’ve been dedicated to your training and exercise routine for months.  The problem is, you’re not seeing the amazing results like you did when you first started your workout plan.

What’s up with that? You’re in a workout rut, and you need to make some minor changes in your program to keep seeing major changes in YOU.

Below are four tips to shake things up a bit with your training and see amazing results. Implement these tips and see a new you shine through.

Get in a great warm-up: A warm-up doesn’t have to be a set amount of time or just a few stretches. Use movements that will mimic your training for the day. When you do that, you get the body ready in the right way to push further, faster and at a higher level. Start right to get the maximum results and prevent injury. You’ll also allow time to mentally prepare.

Remember — use dynamic warm-up, foam rolling or total body movements when getting ready. Static stretching (stretch and hold) should be done at the end of the workout, not the beginning.

Use progression: When you do the same exercises, same routine and keep the majority of your workout constant from the workout before, your body becomes accustomed to what you’re doing. It’s time to put some progression in your workouts. If we change up the angles that we train body parts; adjust the equipment we are using; change the order or even what we do on different days; vary the weight, reps and sets or the total volume; then we will see new results and improvement.

To get some ideas on how to change up your progressions, just sign up for our newsletter and blog. We give you variety of ideas for your training.

Take yourself to the next level: To push yourself to the next level, one key is to make sure you’re using the overload principle. Simply put, you need to do more than you did the time before. A guideline to follow is the 10 percent rule — or add 10 percent to the workout next session. If you ran a mile, go 1.1 miles the next week. If you pushed 100 lbs., see what you can do with 110 lbs. on your following session. By making small changes in your workout, the outcome is huge. Small, incremental changes aren’t overwhelming, and they keep you moving forward.

For resistance training, we use a program that gives the amount of weight that should be used for a resistance exercise. When we asked folks to use the program, we found that many were using weights way below the load they should be doing for the rep range they were training. If you want this program, just email us at, ask for our resistance training program and we’ll get you started.

Rest and recovery: Over the last few years, one of the hot topics has been rest and recover after a workout. Keep in mind it’s the recovery process where we can win or lose the workout battle. Here are some recovery ideas:

Immediate post workout:

  • Restore fluids
  • Ingest a protein and carbohydrate drink
  • Stretch lightly
  • Listen to relaxing music
  • Put your legs up for 5 minutes

Once at home:

  • Continue to hydrate
  • Light stretching later
  • Alternate with hot and cold showers
  • Refuel with a meal within 60 minutes

Late-day recovery:

  • Spa, foam roll or take a bath to relax
  • Relax with music, TV or book
  • Long, static stretching
  • Massage

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