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Published on January 04, 2018

group of runners with a dog

Finding Time and Fitting in Fitness in 2018

We know that time doesn’t stand still; it keeps moving. As we keep moving faster, adding more to our plate, working harder to add more things to our schedules, we keep looking for ways to keep on track with fitness and health goals.

Moving into the New Year, experts are predicting some hot trends that’ll lead the way in 2018. These trends also can help us stay on track with training as well get the rest of our long “to-do” lists done. Here’s a look at the top-three fitness trends you might consider implementing in 2018:

  • Live-streaming fitness classes: In this tech-rich era, live-streaming classes will continue to grow in popularity. Online workouts aren’t new, but as people get more time-conscious, cutting travel-time to your workout destination makes sense. You can get your sweat on right at home or at the office as this new trend keeps surging. In fact, there are local resources of this sort you can try right now.
  • Exercise with pets or family: Whether it's going for a run with your four-legged friend or finding activities that can be done as a family, combing your two loves — exercise and spending time with your family, be they furry or not, will be part of the 2018 exercise push. Again, it’s a case where folks are looking to leverage their available time. By finding ways they can do what they love with the people (and critters) they love, training with family remains a great way to work out and it’s becoming more common.
  • Fitness technology: The wearable trend continues, and while we don’t want to get into a battle about best brands or what the must-have bells-and-whistle features are, the trend of self-monitoring workouts with your phone, wrist-worn instrument or other device will be an even bigger hit in 2018. Exercise facilities and gyms continue to weave technology into their classes and training programs, allowing participants the ability to track and record everything from heart rate and calories burned to time in training zones and pace for nearly any activity. Folks can get real-time performance measures, and then easily compare them to past workouts or other participants. The more information we have, the more we can push ourselves harder during the workout.

So whether it’s a new way to train, new ways to track your exercise or new training partners, the key for 2018 remains the same: take action, keep moving and find what works for you. When you find it, you can stay active longer, be healthier and reach your fitness goals. People can help, and so can “things” but you’ll need to put in the work and drip the sweat to have success in 2018. You can do it!

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