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Published on February 25, 2020

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Go From the Sofa to a 5K Finish Line

If only there was some sort of program that could guide a non-runner from the comforts of the living room through the exercise, miles and motivation needed to get out and take part in a great event like the Avera Race Against Cancer on May 9.

A New Way to Get Ready

Wait – there is a route designed to do just that. The new Couch to 5K training program at Avera Human Performance Center packs in the training, equipment and scheduling any sedentary someone can apply and then fly – or at least finish – the race.

All it needs is you.

“Whenever we start something new, it can be helpful to get some tips and tricks to make it easier – it’s no different with running,” said Derek Ferley, PhD, a certified strength and conditioning specialist and distance running coach at the Avera Human Performance Center. “The Couch to 5K program gives you unlimited access to equipment at our facility, along with the pinpoint coaching that can help you get started, and in most cases, help you to finish, a running event like the Avera Race.”

All Skill Levels Are Welcome

Avera’s Couch to 5K nine-week training program starts March 7. Avera Sports trainers guide participants through the training, allowing any runner – whether it’s a complete novice or a runner returning after time away – to set goals and achieve them.

“No matter where you stand in terms of running strength or experience, this is a program that can improve your overall ability. It’s great for newcomers who can use the equipment and expertise at Avera Human Performance Center to better understand their strengths and weaknesses,” Ferley said. “With week-to-week schedules, a state-of-the-art facility and expert coaching, it’s an ideal method for people who are ready to get moving but want a little assist.”

If you want to learn more or sign up, call 605-322-3278.

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