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Published on December 15, 2015

faith written on a watercolor painting

Having Faith in a Resolution

“Some things have to be believed to be seen.” – Ralph Hodgson

Our ‘happy new year’ is just around the corner. Have you made out your New Year’s resolution?

The reason so many people set their resolutions on January 1 is that it’s a new beginning. We take that time to wash away the old and faulty. Most of us are in the habit of setting a resolution at the beginning of a new year. Most of us never stick to these resolutions!

It is usually the practice when setting a resolution to give up something, to rid ourselves of things we enjoy in over-abundance. We rely on our ability to deny! Webster’s Dictionary gives us the definition of a resolution as the act or process of reducing to simpler form. I really like this idea! How simple to simply simplify. Take whatever task we have laid out in front of us, analyze that complex notion and break it into simpler tasks.

How far away 365 days can be. People lost sight, desire, determination, dedication to follow through on simple steps that would have made a huge impact on how they live their life. How simple it is to follow an assignment, task, goal that you set for yourself for one day. Take that one day, follow it with the next, add another day and another until you have put together your year. Sounds easy? We know on paper it is, but in reality it’s harder. So what’s the secret?

Pure and simple – FAITH! Faith, making an allegiance to duty. In the Texas Rangers’ baseball locker room at The Ball Park in Arlington, Texas, a sign says, “Faith – Being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see!” With faith, you can set your sights on your destination, and know the goal is attainable. See yourself there, grabbing the gold ring and making your vision a reality.

As the year progresses, you will encounter road blocks, stop signs, detours and other “traffic” that may slow you down or even get you to the point that you want to stop your journey. When you find yourself up against one of these hazards, stop, step back and find your faith. Find whatever it is in you that made you give that allegiance to your task in the first place. Rekindle the fire and keep after your destination - keep the faith. No one ever got anywhere standing still or stopping their journey.

This is what I ask you “to do”

  1. Write out three goals for yourself. No more because it’s hard to focus on more than three things at a time. (You can add more later.) Examine the goal and, on another sheet of paper, make two columns. In one column, put down the obstacles that will come up during the process of reaching that goal. For losing weight, you might put down holidays, family gatherings, vacations, or even moods or events that may get you off track. With putting in time with the community group, you might put down work commitments, travel, family events or other activities that might take you away from your ability to donate your time and effort to what you want to do.
  2. In the second column, write out how you will deal with the situation that comes up. In Rudolph Giuliani’s book, “Leadership,” he writes that preparation was the single most important key to success, no matter what field! Problems will come up, and the way you handle those events will determine your success. Plan now. You’re on your diet and know you’re having a party. On your list you’ve written “get in extra exercise the days leading up to the party” or “get really strict with what I’ll be eating a few days before the party.” Maybe you wrote that at the party you’ll limit yourself to the AMOUNT of what you eat and drink – not WHAT you eat and drink. By having a plan in place and working the plan, you’ll develop the faith in yourself that you can reach your destination and that you had the resolve to stick to your resolution!

You don’t need New Year’s to set goals and reach them. You just need a plan in place to put those goals down and the path that will lead to your success in 2016.

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