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Published on December 07, 2021

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4 Health Challenges We All Struggle With and What to Do About Them

About 66% of us put fitness as a top goal each year. Problem is, we don’t follow through.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • 66%: Amount of people set fitness goals in January.
  • 1 in 3: Number of people who ditch those vows before February because they’re too busy or not committed.
  • 73%: Amount of people who give up before meeting goals.
  • 4: Average times the same people have quit these goals before.

You may be able to relate or you might just want to do whatever it takes to break through. But fitness might be so overwhelming that you freeze, deer-in-headlights style. If that’s you, know that there is help. Let’s look at common problems.

The Problem: Sticking to a Good Diet

Many people say that sticking to a diet is one of the biggest challenges in their fitness program. That makes sense because if you are just on a diet and not following a way to change the way you eat for the long haul, you’ll go back to old eating habits.

The Solution

Setting yourself on an eating plan – sometimes called a “Life Diet” is the foundation for performance. It should be engrained in the very DNA of your diet plan. If you walk away with anything after reading this, I hope you can create a daily eating style and find what works for YOU. Get started with the Health Weight at Avera guide.

My question for folks when we talk diets, a diet system or a drink formula is simple:

“Can you do this program for the rest of your life?”

If the answer is no, we need to help you find a different eating plan. We all need lifelong changes, not a quick fix. Sometimes finding someone who can help is the best route.

The Problem: Planning Your Weekly Training

Building a performance plan is critical to the success of your exercise program. Embarking on a training program without a fitness plan, which some folks call this periodization, is a bit like trying to drive someplace new without consulting a map. Yes, you’ll get somewhere, but it may not be where you wanted.

Without a proper fitness plan, your workouts might not lead toward your goal.

The Solution

Having a performance plan in place eliminates the danger of falling into an “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “That’s good for today” mindset.

Your plan holds you accountable, especially when you write it down. With a plan, you don’t just snatch ideas from a recent magazine story or from a new celebrity routine. You set it up, you review it and ask yourself “Am I willing to make and sustain this change?”

If not, you modify the plan. Having a plan with simple, achievable steps helps motivate you to succeed. Sometimes a guided routine is best.

The Problem: You Don’t Include Flexibility and Mobility

Mobility is our ability to move freely without stress on the body. Flexibility is the range of motion of our muscles. The two are not the same, but they are connected. Good mobility assists flexibility and vice versa.

As we age, it’s important to stay mobile and supple. Mobility training can improve the range of motion, improve posture and eliminate aches and pains. You can also do it all year long.

The Solution

It’s never too late to start training for mobility and flexibility. Start adding simple movements into a program before and after their main workout. A professional can show you a few movements and exercises that will benefit you the most.

With better mobility and flexibility, you may also see improvement in your performance with your other activities.

The Problem: You Train Muscle, But Leave out Movement

The more our performance training includes movement and coordination, the better. When we set up training, we need to make sure combinations of muscles and multi-joint movements are included. I encourage people to think:

  • Pattern
  • Progression
  • Plan

The Solution

When training movement, look for exercises that are done from the feet. Also do things that move in multiple directions, include changes in level from high to low or low to high. The more core use, the better. It should be your support mechanism.

Also use a wide variety of resistance equipment, like bands, medicine balls, dumbbells, weights, suspension training systems, kettle bells and ropes.

Variety in a program – and these simple solutions, can help you find your way. And help you stick with it. You can achieve your fitness and performance goals. But make sure you plan before you proceed. Start small if you need to – starting is important.

Learn more about overcoming exercise challenges or find answers to your dietary questions.

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