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Published on March 09, 2017

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The ARC Program: Bridging the Gap

The safe return to competition after orthopedic injury is a grueling process that must include a team of professionals working together to help the athlete as a whole.

The rehabilitation team, including the orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, athletic trainers and even coaches must work together to consider all the aspects regarding rehabilitation and the needs of the athlete. In regards to the transition back into full participation, particular emphasis on the “functional recovery” must be taken into account.

This is where the transitional therapists working within the Avera Return to Competition (ARC) program shine.

What is the ARC program?

The Avera Return to Competition program was designed to help bridge the gap between athletes completing their post-surgical therapy and getting back on the field. It serves as a transition program helping athletes return to their previous level of competition with full confidence and abilities.

For athletes of any level who have sustained injuries of the knee, ankle, hip, shoulder or spine, the ARC program will benefit them tremendously. It helps them transition to full competition seamlessly, allowing them to return to their previous level of competition. Since it was established, the staff at Avera Sports has been able to help numerous athletes from all different levels of competition get back in the game.

Elements of the ARC program

Orthopedic Assessment

An orthopedic assessment, performed by one of our transitional therapists, sets the tone for the entirety of the program. This allows us to set baseline measurements and better understand how to tailor a rehabilitation program specific to each individual’s needs.

Functional Testing

Functional testing allows the sports medicine staff to objectively measure an athlete’s current recovery status. It is these tests that show the level of progression and help communicate to the entire sports medicine staff for each individual athlete. These tests that are included help to objectively measure flexibility, strength, power, gait analysis, and jumping/landing mechanics through use of Functional Movement Screens (FMS), Y-Balance testing, force plate analysis, and high-speed motion capture cameras.

Speed Treadmill Exercises

Our Athletic Republic speed treadmills allow athletes to relearn proper walking/running mechanics. They also help to improve overall body conditioning, strength, stability and flexibility.

Plyometrics (through Sportsmetrics)

Our certified Sportsmetrics trainers help to improve lower body coordination, explosiveness and agility through proper instruction of jumping/landing mechanics. Multidirectional movement exercises reinforce these proper jumping, landing, cutting and deceleration mechanics which translate back onto the playing field.

Sports-specific skill training

Avera Sports provides an environment for all athletes to complete their training in a variety of different settings. Regardless the sport, our sports medicine staff is able to mimic all environments by use of their artificial turf, basketball/volleyball courts, batting cages, sand pit, driving range and mondo sprint track.

Why the ARC Program is Unique

The ARC program was designed around the Athletic Republic Sports Performance Training program. While there are many different sport therapy programs available, many of them cannot identify themselves from their competitors. The ARC program, constructed from Athletic Republic, offers a unique approach to performance enhancement ultimately leading to return to competition. The combination of proprietary equipment, research-based training protocols, and the support of an entire sports medicine staff under one roof helps set Avera Sports and the ARC program above all other competitors.

Members of our team can spell out the ARC Program and its benefits in person March 17-18, as we'll be part of the KSFY Sports Expo in Sioux Falls. You also can get more information about the ARC program and how it can help you get back in the game. Call 605-322-FAST (3278).

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