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Published on May 10, 2017

woman at work with headache

Headaches: Are They a Pain in the Neck?

If you have ever experienced a headache you know how they can truly sideline you completely.

Most people — perhaps including you — might not know that there are a wide range of different causes for headaches. We usually associate terrible head pain with migraines, but neck pain or tightness in the muscles at the base of the head also can be the cause of a bad headache. When muscles and joints lead to headache pain, it can be just as intense as the pain of a migraine.

Getting at the Root of Pain

Physical therapy can get to the root of your headaches and get rid of them for good. Physical therapists, like me and the PTs on our team, can assess the muscles and joints of your neck and determine if they are contributing to your headaches.

Since posture can also contribute to your headaches, we can work with you to determine if posture improvements or stress reducing positions for your head and neck can help cut those headaches out.

Physical therapists are musculoskeletal experts, so we have specialized knowledge of how muscles and joint are supposed to move and how this can affect your body.

Muscles, Joints and Pain - Solving the Riddle of Pain

If tight muscles and joints are the source of your headaches, our training as physical therapists can fix the problem. We can use different types of soft tissue mobilization, such as massage, and we also can work to normalize the movement to your joints. When this is done, it can make you feel better quickly. Our focus is your relief, so we'll work with you to find the right exercises to keep your neck flexible and strengthen those muscles you use for good posture.

These different types of treatments can successfully reduce your headaches and allow you to get back to the life you love to lead.

I recently accompanied my teammate, Stephanie Lenards, PT, as we took part in a seminar course called the Management of Upper Extremity Disorders. The Evidence In Motion Institute of Health Professions hosted us, and we gained 24 contact hours of education, all focused on the most up-to-date evidence for conditions of the upper back, neck, shoulder and upper extremities.

Together, we brought back the most effective treatments for these problems and the headaches they can bring. Together, Stephanie and I have more than 38 years of patient-care experience and we see patients at Avera Therapy Watertown.

You can schedule your appointment today and start on a path toward solving any headache issues you have. We would love to help you.

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