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Published on September 29, 2016

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Doctor Gains Insight During His Weight-Loss Journey

My weight loss has led me to several interesting conclusions. I was taught in medical school and training that dieting could only reduce someone’s cholesterol about 15 percent. When a person’s cholesterol is over 300, 15 percent isn’t much of a change.

As a physician, I gave everyone cholesterol lowering medications. These medications are not without problems; for many people, side effects can be very painful muscle aches and liver enzyme elevations. Serious muscle destruction can occur, although that is unusual.

As I journey through the Avera Ideal Protein program for weight loss, my cholesterol dropped from 232 to 112. That’s an astounding change! My LDL cholesterol dropped to 56, which is about the same as the LDL level in a newborn infant. I was amazed by this, as it dramatically changed how I advised patients when it came to weight loss and cholesterol issues.

Now, when I give patients weight loss advice, I counsel them with determination: they can dramatically change their health in a positive way.

That’s why I feel Ideal Protein is one of those positive paths towards a dramatic change. I have seen many successes, and yes, unfortunately, many failures with people and their dieting efforts. I believe this is a battle that heavy people must face anew every day, as there are daily temptations and self-discipline is not an easy path for most – if not all – people.

I have personally seen my cholesterol drop dramatically, and I have seen it with patients, too. In some cases, I have seen a patient reduce their use of insulin as their weight drops. The cost can be a tremendous incentive, when one considers how much diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol meds cost. It can be hundreds of dollars each month, and that’s money I suspect people would rather spend elsewhere.

This journey is not an easy one, but it can be a successful one. I hope my tale helps you understand how your thinking can change, as my thinking has changed.

Many people cannot take this journey without the help of family, friends, and their health care team. Please consider talking to your medical team for help with weight loss. If you need that help and are unable to take this journey by yourself, there are others around you that can and will help you in this potentially life changing journey.

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