Weight-Loss Path is Worth the Travel: A Physician’s Perspective
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Published on November 02, 2016

exercise and nutrition for weightloss

Weight-Loss Path is Worth the Travel: A Physician’s Perspective

I have been on the Ideal Protein pathway for almost nine years. It isn’t necessarily an easy path to follow, but it can be done. During the last eight years, this path has impacted me personally, but it’s also dramatically changed the nature of my practice. I now try to help shepherd my patients into a path of health that they need. I still prescribe pills, but I now offer them a path that also includes diet, exercise, biofeedback, meditation, relaxation techniques, acupuncture and physical therapy. I want to share a couple of noteworthy stories on the successes we have shared.

I had a patient who had hypertension, or high blood pressure, as well as diabetes, and who was overweight. The patient did choose the Ideal Protein path, lost 50 pounds and was able to stop taking three diabetic medications and two pills taken for blood pressure relief. By doing this the patient was able to save more than $500 each month, all while feeling better. The patient no longer had diabetes, but now faced a condition called pre-diabetes, but with diet alone, that patient can manage blood sugar levels and blood pressure. It’s a very inspirational story.

Another of my patients works as a physician, and I provide his care. He also had diabetes and hypertension, and was on more than 100 units of insulin each day. After following the Ideal Protein path, he lost more than 100 pounds and no longer needs any insulin. In another bonus benefit, he now takes less hypertension medication.

These stories stand out because they taught me lessons, as well as my patients. I have learned that if people will help themselves, and take part in the Ideal Protein journey,it will give them a better future.

Now when I spend time with my patients who are heavier, and that makes up much of my practice, I counsel them on diet and exercise. I wish I could say 100 percent of them have begun to join me on this journey, but in reality, I probably have 20 percent success.

Regardless of the math, those who do follow my example will attest it’s a journey worth the travel.

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