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Published on May 08, 2014

monkey bars in playground

6 Simple Outdoor Exercises

The sun is finally shining and the grass is turning green. After our long winter, I am ready to get outdoors and get active!

With the amount of options in outdoor activities, the park can be your gym, walking trails your treadmill and many other ways to stay active this summer.

Who wants to join me in a fitness challenge that I do at my local park? You don’t have to report in, but try some of these fun exercises at your neighborhood park and see how quickly you can improve.

My plan is to do 12 to 15 reps each exercise as one set. To not hurt myself or overdo it, I am going to start out doing one set the first time, then work up to three to four sets by the end of the summer.

Here is the routine

  1. Jump squats. Find an open space and “jump around.”
  2. Pullups. Use the monkey bars on the jungle gym.
  3. Dips. Use the parallel bars.
  4. Crab walk. Try 20 yards in the grass to stretch out your back and legs.
  5. Sprint 50 yards. Just like the 50 yard dash in elementary school.
  6. Monkey bars. Go across and don’t let your feet drop to the ground (1 rep).

Other ideas

  • Bring a basketball and use the outdoor basketball hoops for a fun pickup game, or just shoot hoops.
  • Kick a soccer ball up and down the field a couple of times.
  • Run up a hill. Time yourself, and challenge yourself to improve your time by the end of the summer.
  • Go to a swimming pool and swim a couple of laps. You will be surprised how it isn’t as easy as it was when you were a kid.

These can be fun ways to exercise. Bring your kids, meet a friend or find like-minded people at the park to participate with. Just get outside and enjoy the warm weather!

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