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Published on November 24, 2020

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Enjoy a Grateful Day

As we approach another Thanksgiving holiday, we often times find ourselves reflecting on what we are most thankful for. Unfortunately for many of us, this can be a one-time thing. What if we were able to be grateful every day?

We would more than likely go through each day feeling just a little bit better about what has gotten us to this point, especially in a time like this. This Thanksgiving season, we invite you to make gratefulness a daily way of life, and not just something that we celebrate on the last Thursday in November.

Here are some simple ways to do this:

  • Be more in touch with your surroundings. Honor the things that surround you every day – a vehicle, family/friends, accessible grocery stores.
  • Tell someone each day that you appreciate them, or the work they do. Think about how it feels to verbally express appreciation. You may even try this with someone you don’t necessarily see eye to eye with.
  • Take more time to express gratitude. Really focus on eye contact, smiling and body language instead of just a quick glance and a thank you.
  • Savor every moment. Find satisfaction in many of the things you do throughout the day – projects, establishing relationships, meeting goals.

Have a wonderful holiday season and remember to be grateful for all that you have! 

By Evan Moore, Well-Being Specialist

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