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Published on July 06, 2018

working out at the gym with a personal trainer

Fitness: Whether at Home or the Gym, Just Get It In!

Abby Loves Working Out at Home

Like many other avid fitness enthusiasts, Abby Gramlick-Mueller doesn’t feel like herself if she doesn’t get in her daily dose of movement.

“I’ve been active throughout my whole life,” said Gramlick-Mueller. “At 5 years old, I swam in a summer league; in college, I was a runner. Fitness plays a large role in my life and continues to do so today.”

To stay in shape, Gramlick-Mueller works out in her home gym as well as attends some classes at the Avera McKennan Fitness Center, located not too far from her home. She appreciates the convenience a home gym brings. “I can wake up at 6 a.m., go for a hard run and still be to work at 7:15,” she said. “Even just getting ready and driving to the gym takes a chunk of time.”

While the Gramlick family enjoys a treadmill, free weights, Bosu ball and a row machine, you don’t have to dedicate an entire room to reap the benefits of home exercise. Gramlick-Mueller encourages everyone to utilize smaller space for simple exercises: pushups, sit-ups, lunges, squats, even just a treadmill.

Sometimes she takes her runs outdoors, and sometimes, with a pal. “I have a friend who lives two miles away. We meet by running a mile toward each other, and then we take off from there.” When her friend isn’t available, podcasts and audio books also push her through the tough moments, such as hills or uncomfortable weather.

Rayden Loves the Possibilities of the Gym

Like Gramlick-Mueller, Rayden Collins also created a home gym. But as his strength grew, so did his need to keep investing in heavier weights in dumbbells and his squat rack. Instead, he embraced the dumbbells, Smith machines and courts at the Avera McKennan Fitness Center.

“A gym this big offers a variety of training options to help people get fit and stay interested,” said Collins. “The Avera fitness center is a great place to work out.”

Collins notes that a gym’s social aspect can be quite motivational as well. “You’re greeted by the happy faces from staff and the trainers. And when you’re surrounded by people striving to improve themselves, you push yourself a little further, too.”

Personal trainers, like Chris Jerke, are also available to give you that extra little push. If you’re new to the gym, need accountability or a gym veteran looking for ideas, a personal trainer may come in handy.

“Once clients share their goals, a trainer will personalize a workout plan to fit individuals’ needs,” said Jerke. “We can help them push beyond what they thought they could lift, run or bike.”

By focusing on small, short-term objectives, long-term goals might just materialize over time. “It’s the greatest reward: to work together with someone and help them achieve what they set out to do, whether that is fat loss or building muscle,” said Jerke.

Just Start

Even though the new year is upon us, embarking on a fitness program can begin at the beginning of May or the middle of October, at home or in a gym, by yourself or in a group, on any day of the week.

Be daring, and try a boxing or Zumba class. Never lifted a dumbbell in your life? Then walk around the block a few times. Whatever your plan of attack, don’t forget to fit fitness into your life.

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