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Published on April 29, 2019

healthy meal of chicken, avocado, quinoa, spinach, beans, brussel sprouts, broccoli

Food for Fuel

Food is energy. Just like you fill your car with gas to make it go, you fill your body with food to make it go. Go to work, go to school, go to the gym or grocery store – you catch my drift.

Many times, however, we go about our daily routines feeling un-fueled. We are tired, undernourished (although overweight) and feeling slow and sluggish, like we’re out of gas. We need to think of our food as fuel and upgrade our nutrition to premium.

Are you struggling to identify why you can’t get a handle on nutrition? Here are three tips on how to properly fuel up:

  • Focus on doing a little better all the time. Set yourself up for success with shopping lists, easy recipes and meal plans. Utilize your resources, whether it be an accountability buddy, a well-being program at work, a nutrition professional or otherwise. The Internet has a million suggestions too, but only pick the ones that will work for you.
  • When preparing a meal, eating a snack or ordering at a restaurant, think about that particular food going into your mouth and ask yourself, “Is this swallow going to make me healthier?” The question is that easy. Whether or not you take that bite, or eat three platefuls, at least you have a quick assessment of the quality of food you’ve chosen.
  • Eliminate toxic clutter. Marriage problems, stress, financial pressure, lack of sleep, parenting issues – it all adds up. Improving your relationship with yourself and your environment can promote a positive relationship with food.

In talking to my health coaching client, Janelle Janish – Platte Health Center, she mentioned how much better she’s feeling after practicing a couple of small goals since January. She is feeling better, has more energy, craves less chocolate and feels “fueled.”

This is all due to her hard work with two simple goals:

  1. I will increase fruits and veggies by having them prepared and ready to go. “I choose a fruit or veggie before an unhealthy snack, to curb my craving," she said. "I forgive myself if I have a little slip up."
  2. I will substitute chicken/fish for red meat at least two times per week. “This one took time to get used to, for both me and my husband," Janelle said. "But lately it’s been falling into place.”

That’s it! Those two changes alone have provided her a basis to improve her lifestyle and feel the difference. She says that this time (we’ve all tried a million times, right?) it’s going to stick. And, she’s set herself up with a strong foundation to add the next step, whatever she chooses that to be.

The bottom line: Maintain your body like you maintain your car. Invest in it and believe that you are capable and worth the effort. Live premium!

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