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Published on November 04, 2022

family snow tubing

How to Turn Black Friday into Family Friday

After a day of giving thanks, it’s OK if you want to skip the Black Friday fiasco and keep things simple. In fact, with kids out of school, it’s a great day to enjoy family time. We have some great ideas if you want to opt out of the traditional shopping day.

Get Moving

You spent the day chowing down on turkey, stuffing and pie so take Friday to get your legs moving. Depending on the weather, your options may vary but things to look into include:

  • Go for a hike. Many state parks have visitor centers that have interactive displays so you can spend some time indoors. Many parks also may have planned events that day. Take a Thermos of hot cocoa to enjoy outside.
  • If it’s snowy, try snowshoeing. Some places, like the Outdoor Campus in Sioux Falls, rent them for kids and adults.
  • Hit the slopes — or a local hill — for skiing or sledding.
  • Stay inside and go swimming at an aquatic center or hotel.
  • Visit the gym or a community center to play games.
  • Do a family scavenger hunt.

Do Good

A great way to teach your kids that there’s more to the Christmas season than food and present is through a giving act. Consider these ideas:

  • Empty your change jar and go buy food for your local animal shelter or food bank.
  • Bake treats for someone you know is alone for the holiday.
  • Take coats and winter gear to a local shelter.
  • Visit a nursing home to play games with residents.
  • Take some of the money you would have spent shopping and donate it to a charity of your family’s choosing.
  • Serve food at a local shelter.

Get the Holidays Started

Doing crafty things with the kids can help you all get in the Christmas spirit and it will keep them occupied. Gather as a group and:

  • Bake cookies.
  • Make homemade gifts for friends and families.
  • Go get a tree and decorate early.
  • Make homemade decorations.
  • Find a holiday event in your community. This time of year there are light shows, parades and all sorts of family friendly events.
  • Watch your favorite Christmas movies.
  • Do Christmas karaoke.

Keep it Traditional

There are some things you can do any time of year and they’re always a hit. Remember: you can create your own traditional activities, such as:

  • Go to the movies.
  • Have a game day/or night.
  • Go to a favorite museum or other attraction.

Most of all just have fun and don’t forget to eat up those leftovers.

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