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Published on June 30, 2020

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How’s Your Quarantine Routine?

In the beginning of COVID, working from home wasn’t working for me: I was working full-time, finishing school for my first-grade daughter, entertaining a “bored” 4-year-old and if I didn’t have a kid on my lap or at my feet, it was one of my dogs.

I was overwhelmed, exhausted and wasn’t sure where to start. I literally wrote in my journal one morning, “What I’m doing isn’t working. I need to find a better way.”

So, that’s what I did.

The very next day I wrote out all the things that were working and all the things that weren’t. I mindfully and intentionally “scheduled” in time for the things that were working and had a road map to have a more successful day fill myself back up.

This is how you can start: 

  • Think of three intentions you have for yourself for today
  • Write it down every day, until it is a habit. There is something about making a list and checking it off that is so satisfying. But you need to be very careful as it can also carry guilt if you aren’t able to get it all done. Be kind to yourself as you figure this out. You won’t perfect this in a day – it will take time, so be patient.
  • Discover things that will fill you up, make you feel better and bring you closer to you. Up until yesterday, I wrote “Movement, water (three Yetis), and Meditate” every day until it became a habit.  I am happy to report that two-thirds of these intentions are now habits. I am still working on the meditation one and have a plan for that!
  • Start small but know the reason why you want to accomplish the things you write down. My why behind movement wasn’t to lose weight; my why was to feel more energized, have more patience and to feel better mentally. For me, especially in a time of extreme stress, I knew these were important because they made me feel better. They made me feel like a better employer, mom and wife after I did it; the why made these things important to me.
  • As your habits develop, add new intentions but don’t take on too much.
  • Tell others around you what your intentions are. Telling someone else your plan makes you feel more accountable. Plus, you will have someone to celebrate with you when you achieve it.
  • Try, try again and don’t give up. Trial and error will be a part of the process. Each time you try again, you have experience backing you up. You can do it, believe in yourself!

I am happy to report that my work and home life are so much better after realizing that things were not working for me in the beginning. By rediscovering things that fueled me, I am now more productive, happier and enjoying life way more than I was when this all started.

Sometimes the key to accessing your greatest potential is looking at your habits and knowing the reason behind why something is important to you, one intention at a time.

By Megan Bartel, LIGHT Program Manager

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