Lunch Tips for Kids Who Are Back to School
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Published on September 01, 2020

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Lunch Tips for Kids Who Are Back to School

Kids are back to school with in-person classes amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. School lunch rooms will look very different this year as lunches will be eaten in the classrooms. Some plans for schools are to encourage kids to bring their own lunches.

Here are some tips to make planning for lunches a little bit easier:

  1. Make a weekly shopping list that will help you stay focused on the items that you need. Have general items that include: fruits, vegetables, protein, grains, and dairy
  2. Pack disposable items (utensils, dishes)
  3. Avoid sharing food
  4. Wash lunch boxes with dish soap and hot water
  5. Use well insulated bag/freeze packs to keep foods safe
  6. Get the kids involved in the preparation of their lunches
  7. Pack lunches the night before to save time in the morning
  8. Practice hand hygiene. Wash hands before, and after, lunch for 20 seconds.

While we don’t know what the school year will bring, it’s important to have ongoing conversations to prepare kids that school routines can change, but everything will still be just fine.

By Debbie Lancto, LiveNOW Well-Being Specialist

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