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Published on April 14, 2020

scale with measuring tape wrapped around

Measure Success Without the Scale

By the LiveNow Well-being team

For many people, stepping on the scale determines whether you think you have made progress on new healthy habits. It can even set you up for a positive or negative attitude for your day. Although weight can be a factor in understanding health risk, it isn't always the best in determining big picture progress. Figuring out other ways to measure your success will not only help you tune into your body and feelings around your weight, but help you understand why the number is holding so much value.

Walking up the stairs and you get to the top…but you're not winded. Maybe all those extra workouts have paid off? Having more energy, or finding daily activities easier is a sure sign that your movement matters. Challenge yourself to find reasons of why keeping agile is important to you. Playing with your kids outdoors, or walking a tough trail can show progress you might have missed. 

Another way that success can show is in your clothing. If you tried on that pair of pants last year that were just too tight to button, but slip on easily now. Sometimes inches lost changes more significantly than what the scale may be showing. If you are feeling discouraged, setting up other ways to check progress, like measurements or a pair of jeans that had not fit before can be checkpoints.

Healthy eating, physical activity and self-care may not all be showing on the outside, but on the inside as well. Checking values such as body composition, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. can paint a more accurate picture. Take into consideration the good you are doing for yourself on the inside as well as the outside.

As many people know, finding what works and what doesn't during a journey to better health is ongoing. At the beginning you may feel nervous about trying something out of your comfort zone. Confidence and positive thinking or problem solving, comes when you realize it is OK to fumble and not be perfect. Instead of throwing in the towel after an attempt, you find yourself pushing through some of the uncomfortable feelings to find a solution that is right for you. 

While this is only a small example of what non-scale victory can look like, challenge yourself, friends and family to consider these when stuck in a rut with the scale. Come up with your own list of reasons why making healthy changes matter to you. What have you noticed as your own non-scale victory?

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