New Year, New You? How To Really Follow Through
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Published on November 28, 2016

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New Year, New You? How To Really Follow Through

Well, it’s almost time to ring in the new year. How many of you gave up on this year’s New Year’s resolution?

It happens.

But it doesn’t hurt to try again. After all, the goal is for long-term wellness. Even if one tiny improvement came from this year’s resolution count it as a win!

Here are tips from Debbie Lancto, Avera Health Plans Health and Wellness Champion, to make your New Year’s resolution stick this year and beyond.

Be specific. When you’re creating a resolution, be specific about exactly what you want to do — like losing 10 pounds or running a marathon.

Write it down. Start by writing down your resolution, but then schedule it into your day. If more exercise is your goal, then put it on your calendar. Once you put it in writing then it’s more likely to happen. 

Take it slow. We’ve all been there. Jan. 1 hits and you’re off to the gym lifting weights, running like a champ and you feel great. You go again the next day, and feel a little less great, and the next day you’re a little less great. Don’t overdo it and get burned out. Create a strategy that you can do for an entire year, not just the first week or month.

Be realistic. You may stumble along the way and you may miss a planned workout every once in awhile. Remember, a stumble doesn’t mean failure — just pick up where you left off.

Find positive reinforcement. Whether it’s a workout buddy or friend to help keep you busy while you’re trying to quit smoking, surround yourself with people who will be supportive of reaching your goal.

Keep track. It’s really easy to lose track of your goal if you’re not measuring progress. You could use fitness wearables to track daily steps or an app to track workouts or food intake. Or, it could be a blank notebook to write it all down by hand.

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