Setting a Goal? Experience Success from Less
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Published on May 31, 2019

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Setting a Goal? Experience Success From Less

Everyone wants to be successful. For some people, this can mean landing their dream job, while for others it could be finishing that project you started many years ago. Unfortunately, it can be easy to get sidetracked from our goals by giving ourselves too many options, or overthinking how we get there.

This is known as “choice overload,” and in reality, limiting our choices can be even more beneficial. We never want to eliminate all of our options, just rethink them in a way that will make success come easier. Marie Kondo may have been on to something (for all you Netflix watchers out there)!

Nobody said reaching goals is a walk in the park. Have you ever stopped and thought about why you maybe came up just short of your most recent goal? Of course there can be circumstances where it was just not meant to be, but wouldn’t it be amazing if YOU could control the outcome to make it a little more manageable? The good news is you can!

Below, you will see some of the most common reasons why we can fall short of our goals. Ask yourself if any of these sound familiar.

  1. Perceived lack of time due to taking on too much
  2. Lack of focus due to having too many things on our plates
  3. Overwhelmed due to feeling like we have to do it all
  4. Throwing in the towel too early due to all of the above reasons.

Now, try to take some of those reasons and make success from less. Here are four reasons less can equal success:

  • Fewer choices = greater satisfaction
    • Limiting your options lets you truly see where your values lie
    • Your options become personally value based and not general
  • Fewer choices = more motivation
    • When options are minimized, we are more inclined to participate and follow through
    • We are not overwhelmed and feel like we need to explore every single one
  • Fewer choices = more confidence
    • With several options on the table, it’s easy to think “what if?”
    • Minimizing choices decreases our ability to second-guess decisions
  • Fewer choices = deeper learning
    • Being able to centralize around a few options lets us really dive into each topic or goal
    • With an overwhelming amount of choices, or options, we spend too much time thinking about each one

Remember, choices are not a bad thing. The distractions come when there are too many and we lose focus on the importance of everything we’ve already accomplished, and then become unsure. We don’t want to eliminate all of our options, just some.

In a world where many say that opposites attract, taking away can truly add so much value.

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