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Published on October 08, 2019

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Take a Break

By Jillian Bryan, LiveNOW Health Coach

Have you ever felt flustered at work? Unable to focus? If so you are not alone. As tasks at work pile up, it can feel tempting to skip your break and work through lunch. Studies have shown that many people working full-time spend well over a typical 40 hours a week at work, often skipping breaks.

Just as your phone battery prompts you to charge up at night, your body and mind could be begging you for a break. There are many benefits to taking a break before you reach burnout, here are a few!

  1. Decompress through the stresses of work. Most people know their main focus when they step through the door to work, but do not always plan for unexpected projects or interruptions to occur. These can throw the whole day off, and cause added stress to an already heavy load. Taking a 10-minute break to practice self-care, whether it's a walk or some deep breathing can help you refocus and see what tasks are priority.
  2. No creative spark, and productivity is down? It could be a sign of burnout. Often times when we spend too much time plugging away we lose our creativity and excitement for a project. Taking some time to enjoy a few laughs with co-workers or stepping away completely from your office is a great way to take your mind off projects. You can come back feeling recharged and ready to take on whatever comes your way.
  3. Regular breaks give you a chance to practice healthier habits and be intentional. When we rush through a drive-thru or cafeteria often times we make unhealthy choices. Our food choice is based more on the emotions of the day than what our bodies need. By giving yourself the time you deserve, you can create intention in making choices whether they be at the cafeteria, or other parts of your life.

Making changes to take a break won't happen overnight and there will be times when slip ups happen. Remind yourself you are worth the time. Think about how a break could benefit you when you feel your batteries on empty.

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