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Published on November 20, 2018

homemade christmas cards

#TryItTuesday: Make Memories on Black Friday

Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and pie ... family and friends ... Thanksgiving, a day set aside for thankfulness.

Newspaper ads; commercials on TV, radio and Internet; sales fliers in the mail; setting the alarm for 4 a.m. ... long lines and crowds of people ... Black Friday, a day set aside for shopping.

Both of these events are rich in traditions for many in America. This year our family is changing up our tradition.

Instead of standing in long lines with crowds of strangers, we are planning to extend our day of thankfulness by intentionally creating a memory-making day! Here is a list of some ideas we are exploring.

Food and Meal Ideas

Start the day with a North Pole Breakfast.

  • Set the table with holiday decor, make Santa pancakes, and perhaps add little surprise gift. For those of you who have an Elf on the Shelf that visits every year, a North Pole Breakfast is a perfect way for welcome Elf back for this year’s holiday season.
  • Keeping in the theme of Black Friday, create a menu of black foods to nibble on throughout the day – black licorice, black velvet cake, blackberries, olives and black rice just to name a few!
  • As a family discover some fun food activities on Pinterest. Making lollipops out of Jolly Ranchers, making popcorn balls, and candy melt lollipops all look like fun.

Indoor Activities

  • Bring out the board games and 500-piece puzzles, turn on some holiday music, pop some popcorn and enjoy a game day. 
  • Gather your craft supplies. You can make holiday ornaments, snowflakes for the window, Christmas cards or even an Advent calendar.
  • Participate in “Black Bag Friday.” Grab a black sack (or cardboard boxes) and clean out your house to find toys and clothes in good condition your children have outgrown that could be donated to those in need.

Those are just a few to start. Need more? Consider these alternatives, all of which offer rewards and the seeds to plant some good memories.

  • Visit local museums or zoos
  • Go to a matinee movie
  • Visit a trampoline park
  • Go bowling
  • Visit the butterfly house
  • Many communities offer make-n-take workshops, check with local garden centers, community centers or hobby stores.
  • Volunteer at a local organization
  • Decorate for the upcoming holiday season
  • Bring out the cherished holiday cookie recipes and bake cookies
  • Send care packages and holiday letters to soldiers
  • Have a movie marathon. Rewatch some of your family favorites

Outdoor Activities

Weather permitting, here are a few great outdoor activities:

  • Hiking
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Geo-cashing
  • Picnic with soup and hot cocoa
  • An outdoor sport such as football, soccer
  • Create an obstacle course

Of course, there are more approaches you can take that'll give you chances to get moving, get creative and share some time with those you love. Here's another list that may spark you to action:

  • Visit a state park.
  • Play tourist in your own town/city. Visit a local landmark, stop and have coffee and a special treat at the local cafe.
  • Have a bonfire and roast marshmallows and sip hot cocoa.
  • Host a family or neighborhood tournament (football, outdoor games, etc.)
  • Take a day trip and visit a neighboring small town.
  • Visit the local library and check out some new books.

With all these ideas, it looks like my family will need more than just one day. May this Thanksgiving season bring you many great memories and a start of some new timeless traditions!

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