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At Avera Breast Center, our breast cancer care is as unique as you, thanks to our constantly evolving screening tools and treatment options.

Our expertise in cancer care draws patients from around the world but we focus on providing local care in the communities we serve in South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and North Dakota with a reach covering 86 counties.

The Avera team of specialists is innovative in their approach to treating your needs, whether it’s finding a more effective treatment or better relief of side effects.

To accomplish this, your treatment plan is created with insight from 30 breast cancer experts who will meet to discuss your case and create a plan that may include many types of therapies. This team includes oncologists, radiologists, surgeons, pharmacists, research specialists, navigators, scientists, breast reconstruction experts, social workers and more.

We’re working together for you, from prevention and screening, to diagnosis, treatment and survivorship.

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Get support and find answers to your cancer-related questions or concerns. Call or email the Avera Cancer Institute Navigation Center.


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Personalized Breast Cancer Treatments

Once you receive a diagnosis, our team of specialists will meet to provide the best treatment plan available. Standard of care includes chemotherapy, external radiation and surgery to remove the tumor.

Advanced Technology

We are leading the charge in providing more effective screening options for all types of women.

  • Our 3-D mammography and imaging services are available at multiple sites across the region. This method provides multiple views of your breast for earlier diagnosis.
  • Avera is the first location in the region where you can get the Videssa® Breast blood test, which diagnoses breast cancer by detecting specific markers in the blood. This test is the newest in our growing number of effective diagnostic options for women. Videssa Breast is used in combination with a mammogram.
  • We were first in the region to offer a new diagnostic tool called contrast-enhanced spectral mammography for women who have dense breasts or received inconclusive mammography results.
  • Our High-Risk Breast Cancer Prevention Clinic provides expertise in creating screening plans for earliest possible detection for women at higher risk.

Support for Your Cancer Journey

A cancer diagnosis brings many questions, and we have a dedicated team to help you get the answers you deserve.

  • Whether you’re newly diagnosed with cancer, a current patient or a loved one of someone with cancer, choose the Navigation Center for free information, support and comfort 24/7. We also have breast cancer patient navigators who are connected with patients upon diagnosis and provide personal guidance, education and care coordination.
  • You’ll have access to our Integrative Medicine program and many other support services to help care for the side effects of cancer treatment.
  • We treat the whole body with social workers and chaplains on site to provide emotional and spiritual support when needed.
  • Our Breast Cancer Consult Clinic offers a second opinion all in one visit. Meet with a breast surgeon, medical oncologist, radiation oncologist and other specialists to discuss the best treatment

Innovation in Genomic Medicine & Clinical Trials

Our breast cancer team is always looking for better ways to screen for and treat your cancer through clinical trials and research.

  • By studying your DNA we make your treatment as unique as your breast cancer. Our genomic medicine team studies how cancer tumors mutate so you get treatments for these specific mutations for better outcomes. Learn more about requirements and benefits of our Genomic Clinical Trial.
  • Clinical trials create more options for breast cancer treatments today and in the future. We integrate research options into the treatment plan from the beginning with more than 30 percent of breast cancer patients participating in some sort of trial.
  • We’re participating in key screening studies that will sooner detect cancer, including the GRAIL trial, which is collecting samples to create a blood test that can detect many types of cancers in an early stage when a cure is possible.
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Words of Wisdom from a Survivor

In whatever capacity, just keep going. Life keeps going.

Karen Kayl, breast cancer survivor

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