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Jyoti Angal

Jyoti Angal, MPH

"The best part of our work is being able to find meaningful solutions to health problems that affect large populations of people."

Office Information

About Me

Jyoti Angal is the Director of Clinical Research at Avera Research Institute Center for Pediatric & Community Research – a team dedicated to improving child health and development through community-based research.

Regulatory Expertise for Child Health & Development Research

Angal provides compliance and regulatory expertise on all of the center’s studies, including several National Institutes of Health (NIH) research projects such as the:

  • Environmental Influences on Child Health Outcomes (ECHO) Study – examination of environmental influences on child health and development
  • Safe Sleep Study – initiative to reduce infant mortality in American Indian communities
  • Safe Passage Study – investigation of the association between prenatal alcohol exposure, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and stillbirth

As the director, Angal enjoys managing large research projects and incorporating research ethics in order to improve research design. She’s also passionate about using research to improve maternal and child health in communities with health disparities.

Learn more about pediatric and community research at Avera.

Active Lifestyle

In her free time, Angal enjoys spending time with her family, reading and watching movies. She is also an instructor at The University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine.


Select Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Dukes, KA, Tripp, T, Willinger, M, Odendaal, H, Elliott AJ, Kinney, HC, Robinson, F, Petersen, JM, Raffo, C, Hereld, D, Groenewald, C, Angal, J, Hankins, G, Burd, L, Fifer, WP, Myers, MM, Hoffman, HJ, Sullivan, L, and the PASS Network. (in press). Drinking and smoking patterns during pregnancy: Development of group-based trajectories in the Safe Passage Study.  Alcohol, 62, 49-60. PMID: 28755751
  2. Dukes, KA, Tripp, T, Burd, L, Robinson, F, Petersen, JM, Odendaal, H, Elliott, AJ, Willinger, M, Hereld, D, Raffo, C, Groenewald, C, Angal, J, Young, R, & Signore, C for the PASS Network. (in press).  A modified Timeline Followback assessment to capture alcohol exposure in pregnant women: Application in the Safe Passage Study.  Alcohol, 62, 17-27. PMID: 28755748
  3. Geldenhuys, E, Coldrey, J, Wright, C, Schubert, P, Nel, D, Groenewald, C, Brink, L, Roberts, D, Boyd, TK, Odendaal, H, & the PASS Network (Angal member). (2017). Fetal foot length at delivery as a tool for determining gestational length in non-macerated stillbirths.  International Journal of Gynaecology and Obstetrics. [Epub ahead of print] doi: 10.1002/ijgo.12177.
  4. Myers, MM, Elliott, AJ, Odendaal, HJ, Burd, L, Angal, J, Groenewald, C, Nugent, JD, Isler, JR, Fifer, WP, & the PASS Network. (2017). Cardiorespiratory physiology in the Safe Passage Study: Protocol, methods and normative values in unexposed infants.  Acta Paediatrica. PMID: 28419567
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  6. Hartman, TJ, Elliott, AJ, Angal, J, Block, T, Ferranti, EP, Mitchell, DC, Nickleach, DC, Norris, JC, Breslow, RA, for the PASS Research Network. (2016). Relative validation of a short questionnaire to assess the dietary habits of pregnant American Indian women. Food Science & Nutrition, 1-6.
  7. Angal J, Petersen J, Tobacco D, Elliott A, Prenatal Alcohol in SIDS and Stillbirth Network. Ethics review for a multi-site project involving Tribal Nations in the Northern Plains. Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics. 2016:1-6. PMID: 26928897
  8. Elliott, A.J., White Hat E.R., Angal J., Grey Owl, V., Puumala, S.E. and Kenyon,D.B. (2015). Fostering Social Determinants of Health Transdisciplinary Research: The Collaborative Research Center for American Indian Health. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 13 (1). 1-12. PMID: 26703683
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Non- peer reviewed

  1. Collaborative Research Center for American Indian Health. (2015). CRCAIH Tribal IRB Toolkit. Angal, J and Andalcio, T. Authors. (Non- peer reviewed)


  1. Angal. J., et al. (Dec 2014). Cataloging Past Research in Tribal Communities: A Review’. Poster presentation, 2014 Minority Health & Health Disparities Grantees’ Conference, National Harbor, MD
  2. Andalcio T, Fredrick A and Angal J. (Nov 2015). ‘Innovative Tools and Approaches for Streamlining the Research Review Process for Tribal IRBs’. Poster presentation, Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research (PRIM&R) , AER Conference, Boston, MA 

Manuscripts under review

  1. Andalcio T and Angal J. Cataloging Past Research in Tribal Communities: A review. Revised and resubmitted.  Journal of Health Disparities Research and Practice.
  2. Odendaal, HJ, Dukes, KA, Elliott, AJ, Willinger, M, Tripp, T, Groenewald, C, Myers, MM, Angal, J, Boyd, T, Burd, L, Cotton, J, Fifer, WJ, Folkerth, RD, Hankins, GDV, Haynes, RL, Herald, D, Hoffmann, HJ, Jacobs, P, Nelsen, L, Petersen, J, Randall, BB, Roberts, DJ, Robinson, F, Sullivan, L, VanEerden, P, Wright, C, & Kinney, HC for the PASS Network. Stillbirth and prenatal exposure to alcohol and cigarettes: Report of the Safe Passage Study.
  3. Dukes, KA, Petersen, JM, Willinger, M, Elliott, AJ, Odendaal, H, Kinney, HC, Hankins, G, Tripp, T, Robinson, F, Young, RA, Hereld, D, Burd,, L, Fifer, WP, Myers, MM, Angal, J, Groenewald, C, Hoffman, HJ, Sullivan, L, for the PASS Network. Propensity score methods to account for nonrandom allocation of prenatal drinking and smoking in the presence of rare outcomes.

Manuscripts in Preparation (drafts completed)

  • Andalcio T, Around Him, D and Angal J. “Tribal IRBs”: A Framework for Understanding of Research Oversight in American Indian and Alaska Native Communities 

Invited lectures, conference presentations

  • Angal J and Hanson, J.D (2017). Research in Underserved Communities: Ethical Considerations. Sanford Ethics Seminar Series
  • Angal J, Andalcio T, Around Him D. (2016) CRCAIH Tribal IRB Toolkit: Resources and Tools for IRBs, at the Indian Health Service Institutional Review Board (IRB) Training, pre-conference workshop.
  • Around Him, D. and Angal J. (2016) “Striking a Balance between Community and Research Needs: Components that facilitated a transition from observation to intervention for improved Maternal and Child Health among an American Indian population in the Northern Plains”
  • Angal J. (October 2015). Maternal Child Health Research in the Northern Plains : Moving from observation to intervention
  • Angal J. (September 2014). Safe Passage Study. Invited presentation for Sanford Promise Teachers’ week
  • Angal J. (August 2012). Safe Passage Study. Invited presentation for South Dakota Public Health Association

Grants and Contracts

Federal (Include Title, Source, PI, and % Effort)

Title:    Environmental Influences on Child Health Outcomes in the Northern Plains Safe Passage Study Cohort – Phase I (1UG3OD023279)

Source:  NIH/Office of the Director
Start & End Dates:  9/21/2016 – 8/31/2018
Amount Funding:  $4,309,903
PI:  Amy J. Elliott, Ph.D.
Co-I : Jyoti Angal, MPH
Project Statement:  The overall goal of this proposal is to leverage the extant Prenatal Alcohol in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Stillbirth Network Safe Passage Study (PASS) cohort to study associations between prenatal environmental exposures on neurodevelopmental and asthma outcomes in a highly vulnerable yet understudied population. 

Title:    Increasing AIAN Research Engagement through a Culturally Adapted Ethics Training (RO1HD092181)

Source:  NIH/National Institute for Child Health & Development (NICHD)
Start and End Dates:  09/01/14-09/30/18
P.I.:  Cynthia Pearson, PhD
Academic Panel member: Jyoti Angal, MPH
Project Statement:  This research is to strengthen research capacity and increase AIAN community involvement in NIH-funded research by developing and psychometrically validating a Collaborative IRB Training Initiative (CITI) training that is relevant, passable and accessible. 

Title:    CBPR Initiative in Reducing Infant Mortality in American Indian Communities  (1RO1HD080544-01)

Source:  NIH/National Institute for Child Health & Development (NICHD)
Start and End Dates:  08/01/14-05/31/19
Funding:  $1,701,500
P.I.:  Amy Elliott, PhD
Co- PI: Jyoti Angal, MPH (0.3 FTE)
Project Statement:  The objective of this grant is to work with American Indian communities in the design and implementation of an intervention to reduce risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and other related infant deaths due to unsafe sleep environments. 

Title:   Collaborative Research Center for American Indian Health (5U54MD008164-03)                  

Source:  National Institute of Minority Health and Health Disparities
Start and End Dates:  09/26/12-07/31/17
Funding:  $13,500,000
P.I.:  Amy Elliott, PhD
Director, Regulatory Knowledge Core: Jyoti Angal, MPH (0.3 FTE)
Project Statement:  The Collaborative Research Center for American Indian Health (CRCAIH) is designed to create a platform to bring together Tribal communities and health researchers, from multiple disciplines, to work together in the development of cutting-edge transdisciplinary research that will address the significant health disparities experienced by American Indians in South Dakota, North Dakota and Minnesota.  All projects within the CRCAIH will embrace a “social determinants of health” theme

Expansion of CRCAIH Research Education to Tribal Nations (Administrative Supplement to Collaborative Research Center for American Indian Health - U54MD008164)
Start & End Dates:  2/01/2016 – 7/31/2016
Amount Funding:  $143,016

Title:    Prenatal Alcohol in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Stillbirth (PASS) Network

Source:  National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
Start and End Dates:  09/26/03-07/31/16
Funding:  $8,749,977
P.I.:  Amy Elliott, PhD
Co-I: Jyoti Angal, MPH (0.4 FTE)
Project Statement:  To conduct community-linked studies to investigate the role of prenatal alcohol exposure in the risk for SIDS, stillbirth and FAS, and to determine how these different outcomes are inter-related. Known in the communities as the Safe Passage Study, this research is being conducted by the investigators of the Prenatal Alcohol, SIDS, and Stillbirth (PASS) Research Network in a cooperative agreement with NICHD, NIAAA and NIDCD. The long-term goals of the PASS Research Network are to decrease fetal and infant mortality and improve child health in communities at high risk for prenatal maternal alcohol consumption. Administrative supplements have been received to support increased enrollment at one site, a maternal sleep study and a nutrition validation study.

Past Funding: 

Title:    Maternal Grief Responses in High Risk Settings – A Pilot Study of Bereaved Mothers in the Safe Passage Study Cohort

Source:  CJ SIDS Foundation
Start and End Dates:  01/01/14-12/31/15
P.I.:  Richard Goldstein, MD (Boston Children’s Hospital)
Co- I: Jyoti Angal, MPH
Project Statement:  Additional funds to support the analysis of the Northern Plains nutrition validation study.  A brief nutrition screen was developed to provide a measure of usual dietary intake for inclusion as a covariate in PASS statistical models. The brief nutrition screen was based from the widely-used Block Food Frequency Questionnaire that has been utilized in a numerous studies, however, had not been validated for use in American Indian populations. 

Title:    Prenatal Alcohol in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Stillbirth (PASS) Network – Phase II Supplement - Maternal Sleep Study (U01HD045935)

Source:  NIH/National Institute for Child Health & Development (NICHD) & National Institute for Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism (NIAAA)
Project Period:  8/01/2013 – 7/31/2014
Funding:  $158,954 (Administrative supplement)
P.I.:  Amy J. Elliott, Ph.D.
Co-I : Jyoti Angal,MPH
Project Statement: the purpose of this request is for administrative supplements to support an ancillary study to the Safe Passage (PASS) Study to investigate the effects of maternal sleep position on fetal physiology.  This proposed study will utilize the existing clinical and research infrastructure established by PASS in the Northern Plains to investigate the effects of maternal sleep position on fetal and maternal heart rate patterns.

Pending Support (Include Title, Source, PI, Amount Period, and % Effort): 

Title:    Transdisciplinary Approaches to American Indian and Rural Population Health Research

Source:  NGMS
Start & End Dates:  TBD
Amount Funding (submitted):  $11,927,009
PI:  Amy J. Elliott, Ph.D.
Core Director: Jyoti Angal, MPH
Submitted:  January 2016
Status:  Score 23 at first review, awaiting funding status for NGMS in FY17; may need to resubmit for consideration in FY18 (application due in Jan 2017), if funding is not available in FY17 



D.S. Homeopathic Medical College, Indai, Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery

San Jose State University, San Jose, CA, Community Health Education


Sanjeevan Hospital, Pune, India, Clinical Internship

Honors, Awards, etc.

  • 2004 - Certificate of Recognition of significant contribution to Diversity Appreciation and Equity Enhancement, San Jose State University, CA


  • Council of Certification of IRB Professionals

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