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Avera Prayer Line

My Help Comes From the Lord, Psalm 121:2 

The Avera Prayer Line offers you the ability to pray for others or to post a prayer if you are in need of prayer.  Our prayer line is connected to the prayer ministries of Avera's sponsors, the Benedictine and Presentation Sisters.

Prayer Requests

February 27, 2015
Please prayer for good friend and community member Ed who recently under went a 2nd open heart surgery and is currently not faring well.
Greg, SD

February 25, 2015
Thank you Father for being a all knowing and healing God. I pray for my brother Craig as he has heart surgery. Give the doctors wisdom and skill and a clear sense of your presence in each moment of the operation. Bless the staff and medical professionals as they provide care. Hold Craig and his family tightly in your arms. Be to them the Good Shepherd as they walk through this valley. I pray in the name of Jesus who came to die so that we might live. Through His stripes we have been healed. Amen
Joel, CT

February 24, 2015
Please pray for Lisa who is on flight to CO for double lung transplant. She has husband and two little girls younger than 8.
Linda, SD

February 24, 2015
Please pray for Kim who will have a double mastectomy tomorrow that she will be blessed with strength and healing.
Mary, SD

February 16, 2015
Please pray for my friend Erin who recently has been diagnosed with cancer which is in her thyroid and lymnodes.
Jackie, SD

February 12, 2015
Asking for them to find answers for Taylor K as to why he has so much abdominal pain and help him to feel better. He is in hospital at this time. Amen
Gail, MN

February 11, 2015
Please pray for my 8yr old great nephew who is battling leukemia and at this time is very very ill, God give him the strength to keep fighting and be well.
Bridgette, NE

February 2, 2015
My mom has a dangerous internal infection, in liver and who knows where else, thus the constant fevers, pain, etc. She also has bacteria in her blood. So 48 hours to get back the labs on biopsy to help answer some of the questions, but she is getting serious doses of antibiotics and they are watching her heart to be sure the infection doesn’t get there. If she doesn’t get worse she won’t go to ICU but if she does, she will. She needs many prayers for diagnosis and healing. She has a liver doctor, infectious disease doctor, and a hospitalist at Avera who we are confident in, but we know she needs God’s intervention to work miracles through their hands.
Pam, SD

February 2, 2015
Please pray for Peggy and Mellissa as they are both so young and battling colon and pancreatic cancer
Deb, IA

February 1, 2015
Please pray for all marriages.
Rachel, SD

February 1, 2015
Please pray that my son and I find different jobs.
Klari, SD


Post a Prayer

Avera is the health ministry of the Benedictine Sisters of Yankton, S.D., and the Presentation Sisters of Aberdeen, S. D. The Sisters welcome and respect people of all beliefs and traditions. Avera colleagues throughout the organization share the Sisters' values, and many join with the Sisters in holding these requests in prayer.

Guidelines for Entering a Prayer Request

In posting your prayer request, we ask that you follow these guidelines:

  1. Identify yourself by first name only.
  2. Do not identify another person or situation, or provide any confidential information in your prayer. (No last names, addresses, phone numbers, place of employment, etc.)
  3. Your request will remain on the site for one week. Do not re-post the request during this time.
  4. Limit your posts to no more than 500 characters per day.
  5. At this time, we are able to receive and post only prayers in English.
We will review all prayer requests and attempt to post them within 24 hours. We reserve the right to edit requests for content, confidentiality and length, and to not post those requests that we deem inappropriate.

Request Form

If you would like to make a prayer request, please use the form below. Your prayer request will be sent to the Benedictine and Presentation Sisters, and those not marked private will be displayed on this webpage.

Please press submit only once. There may be a short delay. Pressing more than once duplicates your submission.

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