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  • Avera St. Luke’s Cardiologists Share Results of Study on Savings

Published on February 22, 2012

Avera St. Luke’s Cardiologists Share Results of Study on Savings

ABERDEEN (Feb. 22, 2012) – At a national conference in Washington, D.C., a poster display presentation based on a study by Avera St. Luke’s Hospital cardiologists showed the tremendous savings of treating heart attack patients at a hospital in a rural setting such as Aberdeen instead of having to transport them to a larger city.

Dr. Larry Sidaway, Dr. Navin Gupta and Dr. Lou Kumar, all from Avera Medical Group Cardiovascular Specialists Aberdeen, along with Karin Sidaway, designed a study to review costs and outcomes, “PCI for STEMI in a Rural Setting Without Surgical Back-Up, A Cost and Outcomes Analysis.” Dr. Sidaway attended the Cardiovascular Research Technology Annual Scientific Session sponsored by Washington Hospital Center.

For example, in their research involving the initial 100 patients needing their care at Avera St. Luke’s, savings for not requiring CareFlight emergency helicopter transport to a larger medical center hundreds of miles away averaged $15,000. “The cost savings illustrated are hard transfer costs only and do not factor in the savings family members have of less travel time, hotels and missed work if their loved one has to have the procedure miles away,” Dr. Sidaway said. “Not to mention the peace of mind of being able to stay close to home.”

Avera St. Luke’s does about 400 cardiac catheterization procedures each year, plus 200 interventions for other heart problems, so the savings to patients who can be treated locally rapidly adds up to millions of dollars.

Avera St. Luke’s Hospital was also recently rated by HealthGrades as #1 in South Dakota for Coronary Interventional Procedures, which includes stent placement and angioplasty. Avera St. Luke’s is a recipient of Five-Star Distinction for both Treatment of Heart Attack and Coronary Interventional Procedures in 2012 in the report by HealthGrades, the nation’s most trusted, independent source of physician information and hospital quality ratings.